I WANT TO LOVE YOU | Joseph James (Lyrics & Guitar Chords)

I WANT TO LOVE YOU Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

A Romantic Song by Joseph James. It’s Time To Dance! Filmed in Alaska and Colorado!

Imagine getting a reservation at a fine restaurant with candlelight and wine. Then having your server put on that special song. You grab your date and walk out on the dance floor. The moon is out and it’s light sparkles on the water and snow covered mountains. The music and the views take you from there.

“I wrote this song for my wife, Janiece. After 28 years, romance is still in the air! Tell your partner hello for me! I hope you enjoy your evening together!” Joseph James

I WANT TO LOVE YOU w/m Joseph James © 01.02.22

D+A Ds D Ds D Ds D

D+A                           Ds         D         Ds D Ds D
Holding you in my arms tonight.
D+A                              Ds                   D        Ds D Ds D
I want to dance with you all night long.
G                                     A
I want to hug you tight ‘till the morning light.
G                               A
I want to kiss your lips and touch your heart.
G                         A
I want to see your smile in your eyes.
I want to love you. Read more


When I’m writing a new song, I am determined to make sure it has a good message that is going to help the listener is some way. Then I add the drums and various instrumental tracks  as I hear them in my mind, hoping that the music will attract the right listeners. I had no clue though how HONEY I LOVE YOU would touch one in my audience two weeks ago. Read more

YOU ARE HERE (Song) | Joseph James

YOU ARE HERE | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

Rumble | YouTube

YOU ARE HERE | Joseph James

I love singing worship songs to the Lord, especially those that have some of His Names in them. In April 2021, I was going through some rough times and decided to write another worship song and add His Names in it. It starts with creation, our birth, our life and ends with our last breath, and the meeting Him face-to-face. So peaceful, yet so powerful!

I filmed the lyric video at Lake Woodlands. It didn’t look like the end of January as there was so much green, the trees still had leaves and there were flowers too, some fountains in the lakes and folks in their kayaks. It was a nice, sunny, and beautiful day. YOU ARE HERE!

YOU ARE HERE     ©04.03.2021     w/m Joseph James

Drums/Bass Guitar/Nu Warm Synth/Dual Coil Lead ’65/Piano/Soprano Sax

G /F /E /D C D
D               G                                             C
You were there before the earth was fashioned.
G                                          D
You were there before the first sunrise.
G                                                        C                   D
By Your Word, You spoke and it came to be, by Your Word.
Em              /D C /D Em                 /D C          /D
Holy Lamb of God! Blessed King of kings!
Em             /D C                               D
Creator of all things! Ancient of Days! Read more

An Evening With Joseph James | The Woodlands Texas


Songs of Hope! Songs of Romance! Songs of Dreams & Encouragement! …and some stories in the journey of the tour across the USA, Canada, and Alaska!

Event is FREE! (Donations accepted) I’ll be sharing some of my songs and speaking a little in between, talking about our God-given Dreams some to encourage folks, especially right before Christmas. Some may be going through tough times and all alone. It’s open to hotel guests and the public. We are going to have some fun and encourage one another.

FB Event Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/262686505923738?ref=newsfeed


Joseph James Live | The Woodlands | Homewood Suites

ARE YOU READY? …for Such A Time As This!

Joseph James Community On Locals

Join me and subscribe to my new platform channel on LOCALS, a new online social community bought by Rumble. I’ll be sharing more videos of things from my life, my walk, our tour, Janiece’s story, the music, the books, the upcoming movie project, the supernatural journey, faith, love, etc.  Joseph James Locals Community Read more


HINDSIGHT 2020 | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

Rumble | YouTube | 38 Streaming Services


Hindsight 2020 is a look back on 2020 and beyond to see what’s really there and what we need to change. It’s a place to reach out, to join our hands together across this land, restore our freedoms and take out the corruption that seeks to control us all. It’s time to rise and stand together for our freedom, our generation and those to come.

It’s a fun song with a catchy tune, but make no mistake, it’s to the point. It’s time to TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT!

HINDSIGHT 2020    © 02.07.2021   w/m Joseph James

G                                                        D
Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but this is twenty-one.
G                                                                     D
Didn’t know what they were doing, but now let’s have some fun.
C                                             D
Let’s go around town and shake some trees.
G                 /F#m     Em
We’ll let it all hang out…
C                                D                       C               D            G
Let’s join with our neighbors and take this garbage out. Read more


SUCH A TIME AS THIS | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

Rumble | YouTube | 38 Streaming Services

SUCH A TIME AS THIS | Joseph James

Sometimes not everything was lost of our dreams and relationships in the past. Sometimes there is still life and new growth where there once seemed total devastation and destruction. Perhaps we’ve really just been maturing for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Sometimes the Lord’s restoration and healing work goes unnoticed to us and then, wow!

This video was filmed throughout Waldo Canyon on the Rampart Range Road, Pikes Peak and the Garden Of The Gods where a fire was so destructive in 2012 and threatened Colorado Springs. Now 9 years later there’s beauty again, the young Aspens flourishing, and there are lots of areas that never burned as you can see in the video. It’s like that in our lives. SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

SUCH A TIME AS THIS      © 06.21.21     w/m Joseph James

G                                    D                        C                          D
I’ve run my race! I’ve set my course time and time again.
C                 D                         G                    C
Just to be out of time and left behind again. Read more


NEED TO BE FREE | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

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NEED TO BE FREE | JOSEPH JAMES | Official Lyric Video

Relationships can and should be fun and free. We should be free to enjoy each other and to still pursue our individual dreams while supporting each other. In this, we can soar together on the heights and support each other through the tough times, the valleys as well. Destiny… Purpose… Dreams…

NEED TO BE FREE     © 05.24.21  w/m Joseph James

G                     D
If you would love me so,
C                                             D
Maybe my heart wouldn’t let you go. Read more


GONNA TURN IT AROUND | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

Rumble | YouTube | 38 Streaming Services


Have you ever heard the term, “Laughter does good like a medicine?” Also, “the Lord laughs at [the wicked], for He sees that their own day [of defeat] is coming.” “The joy of the Lord is our strength!” Did you know that when we see things the way He does, we can join in with Him in the laughter and live in joy, knowing that no matter what comes our way, He has a way through it?

It’s time to shake off those things that have been holding us down, laugh again, party with friends and family, and just plain have some fun in the midst of our enemies. Jerry Savelle said, “If Satan can’t steal your joy, he can’t keep your goods.” Why would we want to let him keep our goods?

Come on America, it’s time to rise up and start dreaming again. AMERICA DARE TO DREAM Tour.

GONNA TURN IT AROUND      © 05.21.2021  w/m Joseph James

Gonna have a party tonight!
Gonna pull out all of the stops!
G           C                                                       G
Gonna shake off everything that’s been holding me down! Read more


ON A COLD DARK NIGHT | JOSEPH JAMES | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

Rumble | YouTube | 38 Streaming Services

On A Cold Dark Night | Joseph James | Lyric Video

What happens when we meet an angel in the night? What happens when it’s not what we think it is? What are we going to do?

ON A COLD DARK NIGHT –  © 02.18.21 w/m Joseph James

G                                                                                                             D
On a cold dark night. I heard a desperate plea, Crying out for help.
G                                                                                                  D                     C D
I am all alone! Sad and weary now! I think I’ve lost my way, tonight! Read more


SOMEBODY’S HERO | JOSEPH JAMES | [Official Lyric Video]

Lyrics & Chords

Rumble | YouTube | 38 Streaming Services


Who is your hero? Who’s watching you? What’s your story? What’s your testimony? Are they secretly hoping you succeed so it can give them hope to go for their dreams too? Are you SOMEBODY’S HERO?

SOMEBODY’S HERO  © 06.20.21  w/m Joseph James [Chords & Lyrics]

G                                                             C
Looking around at all the precious people,
C               G                          D
So many stories going untold.

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I’M SORRY | Song by Joseph James

I’M SORRY | Joseph James | LYRICS & CHORDS

This song is so unlike many of my other songs. It’s a message from beyond the grave to loved ones caught in the horrible path of its devastation. There is hope! There is a way through it all! There is healing!

Out of having ministered to, counseled many who were either contemplating suicide or someone who lost someone to it’s ugly claws, this song was born. The devastation left behind for family, friends, and acquaintances to have to unexpectedly deal with, is sometimes so overwhelming that it shatters many more lives in its wake. The morning after one such conversation with one of my Lyft riders in San Antonio, Texas, who had recently lost a dear friend to suicide, these lyrics were born, so I walked down to the patio of the hotel with my guitar, wrote them down and added the music.

I'M SORRY | Joseph Jamesa

(Available on Rumble | YouTube | 38 Streaming Services)

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Have you read the story of when an evil presence/demon came into Janiece’s room, the room went from being lit by the sunlight outside to pitch black in moments. She saw something appear in the darkness that terrified and paralyze her. What did she do to get the victory? This was during the 7 years of her mental struggles in and out of the mental hospitals. It’s on page 273 of the new Limited Color Edition SDDL book. Has this happened to you or someone you know?
We’ll be doing scenes like this in the movie. Get your Special Limited Edition book and read the journey before the movie comes out. Guess which scenes will be in the movie. Perhaps we’ll do a contest or something. What are your thoughts? We might put some things in the movie that are not in the book.

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SOMEBODY’S HERO Album Released


SOMEBODY’S HERO Album | Joseph James Read more

SOMEBODY’S HERO | Joseph James | New Album

SOMEBODY’S HERO | Joseph James | New Album Release 09.11.2021


Coming this Saturday, the release of Joseph’s new album, SOMEBODY’S HERO on 38 Streaming Services. Check it out. Patriotic | Romantic | Encouraging | Challenging | Dream Again | Indie Music

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The Lyric Videos to the album on YouTube and Rumble were filmed in the beautiful trails of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and also in Boerne & San Antonio, Texas, USA. We hope you enjoy the music and the beautiful scenery.

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Following is a very short, encouraging story I wrote on 05.20.20. I hope it encourages you! Joseph James


Sometimes life just seems too impossible, too far out there to grasp, let alone to harness. It seems like you’ll never make it, like every precipice you attain only reveals another summit going higher still. When will the real summit show it’s face, that place when you can look down with the wind gently blowing in your face and hair, that refreshment that comes from knowing you’ve conquered that which you were destined to do? Looking down in victory on all who’ve said you couldn’t do it! Give up! It’s not worth it! Yeah, but I did it!

Sometimes, on the way up, the tired legs that give way, the breath that can’t be fully inhaled, your heartbeat racing as your heart seems to be trying to escape your chest, as you fall lifelessly to the ground with your face in the mud. Lying there, moments, hours, days perhaps, wondering in a state of exhaustion if the ascent so far has been worth it. What comes next? You’ve gone too far to turn back now, but you’re all alone in this place – or so it seems. Read more


2021!!! Here we go…

Going to start off this new year here in Boerne, TX where I began last year in Colorado Springs, CO before the pandemic/feardemic shut everything down. We welcome your prayers as this is an ongoing battle to get through all of the hoops.

I am putting the DREAMER’S INK TASK FORCE into full throttle and we’re going to save some lives. This is Texas and no, we haven’t shut down. There has been too many deaths related to the shut downs and isolation that the media doesn’t even mention. I’m looking into places to hold these meetings, the Bevy hotel in Boerne has given me a good rate and I want to find some places in the neighboring areas as well, including San Antonio.

Suicide strikes without warning, one day we are talking to our friend, family member or peer and the next going to their funeral. I’ve had enough. The pandemic has only made this worse.

You can start your own Task Force no matter where you are with your family, friends, and/or work place or I can come and help you get started. Read more

Dreamer’s Ink Meetings

In the next coming weeks, I am looking for a meeting place where we can get together and talk about dreams, you know, those God-given dreams and plans for each of our lives. How can we find them? How can we help each other to fulfill them? How can we build His Kingdom together, both spiritually and in the physical realm as well?

You see, His Kingdom is about everyone of His people coming together at His leading so that He can place us where He wants to build. Some leaders are more focused on how their people can help their vision, but what about how we can help Father fulfill His vision with each of us individually? This means not just in ministry, but in the marketplace as well. Not putting down any group by any means, but rather, going a bit further and including all… I talk to so many who want to be a part of the big picture but have been so limited.

Anyway, if you would like to be a part and you are in the San Antonio area, let me know, or I can travel to your area as well. Perhaps we’ll do the meeting via Zoom at some point if others in other places are interested as well.

The Lord had me write and publish a book, Dreamer’s Ink, last year to help those struggling with direction and purpose to counter depression and suicide. It’s mostly a book of questions for each reader to help them think and search inside. We will be using the study guide somewhat as we help one another in this Dreamer’s Ink Task Force, based on Hab 2. Write down the vision…

We are using the America Dare To Dream Tour to do this across the nation and beyond. Through all of our individual giftings and talents, just think of what we can do together to spread His love to those around us. If they can see us together, perhaps they’ll taste of His goodness and want to be a part… What say you?

You can check out this book and the itinerary on this website and use the form to contact us. Blessings…

SPINNING AROUND Song | Joseph James

SPINNING AROUND | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

YouTube | Rumble


C  /B  Am  /B  C  /B  Am  /B  G
C                              D               C                            D
Waking up in the morning. Sunlight shining through.
C                                  D /E         G     /F#   Em
Blowing now sweet kisses, at you.

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I’M GONNA FLY Song | Joseph James

I’M GONNA FLY | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

YouTube | Rumble


C Am C Am
C                                 Am          C                    Am
Walking down this trail just wandering along,
C                                   Am   F                         G
I know that there’s an end, just like in this song,

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