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YOU ARE HERE | Joseph James

I love singing worship songs to the Lord, especially those that have some of His Names in them. In April 2021, I was going through some rough times and decided to write another worship song and add His Names in it. It starts with creation, our birth, our life and ends with our last breath, and the meeting Him face-to-face. So peaceful, yet so powerful!

I filmed the lyric video at Lake Woodlands. It didn’t look like the end of January as there was so much green, the trees still had leaves and there were flowers too, some fountains in the lakes and folks in their kayaks. It was a nice, sunny, and beautiful day. YOU ARE HERE!

YOU ARE HERE     ©04.03.2021     w/m Joseph James

Drums/Bass Guitar/Nu Warm Synth/Dual Coil Lead ’65/Piano/Soprano Sax

G /F /E /D C D
D               G                                             C
You were there before the earth was fashioned.
G                                          D
You were there before the first sunrise.
G                                                        C                   D
By Your Word, You spoke and it came to be, by Your Word.
Em              /D C /D Em                 /D C          /D
Holy Lamb of God! Blessed King of kings!
Em             /D C                               D
Creator of all things! Ancient of Days!

D               G                                                         C
You were there before I was formed in the womb.
G                                                         D
And Your thoughts towards me are wonderful.
G                                                 C                             D
You were there the day I took my first breath, You were there.
Em                            /D C /D Em                      /D C           /D
Emanuel, You’re with me! Rapha, You are my healer!
Em                     /D C                          D
Jireh, You are my provider! Abba Father!

D            G                                      C
You are near with every step I take.
G                                       D
Every time I run or fall in my race.
G                                                        C                   D
Always there to lift me up and cheer me on. You are here!
Em                                      /D C    /D Em                                           /D C              /D
Good Shepherd you are my guide! Comforter, My Friend and My Brother!
Em                                              /D C                    D
Truth, Love, Peace, Justice and Joy! Mercy, Grace!

D              G                                               C
You’ll be there the day I take my last breath.
G                                                              D
With the angels and those who’ve gone on before.
G                                         C                        D
With open arms I’ll run up to You. You’ll be there!
Em           /D C   /D Em                     /D  C        /D
Alpha and Omega! Beginning and the End!
Em                        /D C                            D           End G /F /E /D C D G (2x)
Jesus, You reign forever! Your Majesty!

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