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Joseph’s Story On His Music!

“To me, my music is not about gaining fame, rather it’s about touching hearts. It’s saying, no matter what you’re going through, the Lord has a plan and you can make it with His help. I did and He did through many of those times! He has a dream for your life and it is more wonderful than you can imagine, but you have to let Him in.”

“I’ve either been in the places in my songs, or I’ve ministered to those who have. There are seasons of difficulty and seasons of fun and laughter.”

“Can you imagine a tree giving up and dying in the winter, because it thought it’s life was over? No, rather, the tree is sending down its roots in the winter so it can grow stronger and larger in the Spring. It may be your strengthening season, so don’t give up, dig down, lift some weights and grow stronger. Imagine the beauty on the other side of the season and stay focused on the goal.”

“Know that you’re the reason we do what we do. See you on the road. Check out our itinerary on our website and if we’re not in your area, book us. Be the sunshine to those who are in a cloudy day.” Joseph James

Joseph James is a singer, songwriter, actor, author and artist. He grew up in the country and has spent many years in different cities around the U.S. His multi-faceted background and journey has helped him in his writings with his music, books and screenplays. Always wanting to encourage others has been the driving force in almost everything he does. He’s been in the depths of despair and has experienced some exciting times as well.

He grew up in a broken family and went through two divorces with his mother by the time he was out of high school. His dad abandoned him at the age of 3 and he searched for identity for years. He joined the US Air Force in 1980 just out of high school, but was released shortly thereafter with an honorable discharge due to needing a necessary medical procedure. After going through two tough divorces of his own, he wanted to give up on life, but the Lord had a better plan. Faced with failure over and over again, the Lord surrounded him with some people who could help encourage him to get back up again. Then the Lord placed him together with his new wife, Janiece and they’ve been married for over 26 years now.

Through his life experiences, he writes his music [Youtube, Rumble, Streaming], books and blogs. The testimonies of he and his wife touch many facets of difficulties and yet the Lord brought them through it all. He wrote Janiece’s testimony into a biography and they are now working on putting it into a movie. Check out her story at: http://www.sentencedtodeathdestinedforlife.com/wp/ Joseph has written the screenplay for her story and it is in the beginning stages of being produced into a movie.

They’ve been on the road traveling the USA and Canada since March 2013, holding meetings and concerts, talking to individuals along the way, and meeting with groups to share encouragement and hope so that folks will pursue their God-given dreams. Their stories are filled with miracles and adventure.

If life gets hard, keep walking and/or crawling if you must, sooner or later the storm will pass and the sun will come out again. Too many give up too soon and end their lives over a temporary problem. Suicide is an epidemic and we must be those who are willing to give of ourselves to bring hope and healing to our world, to our generation.

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