IITS BK 2 Chapter 1

Islands In The Sea: The Lion Roars! Book II – Sample Chapter

Table Of Contents

  • Acknowledgments – – – ix
  • Introduction – – – xi
  • 1    MULTITUDES IN A VALLEY – – – 13
  • 2    PIECES OF A PUZZLE – – – 25
  • 4    THE COURTS OF HEAVEN – – – 47
  • 5    THE GATES OF HELL – – – 59
  • 6    A WARNING AT 30,000 FEET – – – 71
  • 7    THE LION ROARS – – – 87
  • 8    LEVIATHON REARS ITS HEAD – – – 97
  • 9    TIME STANDS STILL – – – 113
  • 10  ALL CONSUMING FIRE – – – 123
  • 11  ALL THE UNIVERSE’S A STAGE – – – 137
  • 12  THE EARTHQUAKE ERUPTS – – – 147
  • 13  TWO BECOME ONE – – – 159
  • 14  A SECRET MEETING – – – 173
  • 15  ARMIES OF HEAVEN – – – 183
  • Author’s Comments – – – 199
  • About The Author – – – 201
  • Special For You! – – – 204
Islands In The Sea: The Lion Roars – Book 2
Sample Chapter
Chapter 1


The next few weeks were very busy as the newly formed team spent time in prayer together each day as they continued to strategically develop the plans for building the new city. Building the first prototype seemed like it was going to be easier than developing a strategy for it to work in different cultures and countries. There were so many variables, not to mention the difference in building requirements for building in urban areas versus in the rural communities.

What had begun as a divine vision and personal revelation to Dan, was now being dispersed to many others who were adding their encounters, knowledge and experience to the equation. Many times over the last few weeks, Dan was told by other leaders that this was going to be impossible to accomplish, but Dan knew first hand Who was putting this all together. He knew that in his own strength this would all be impossible and the Lord kept to His word by continually bringing the people to him that would become a part of the team. Dan’s business continued to grow rapidly as were the businesses of all who were helping in the project. There was already an abundance of money to provide for all of the planning, engineering, development, materials and labor in the beginning stages of the project.

“John, how are things going with the purchasing of the property?” asked Dan. “Were we able to finally get the rights to the minerals included in the deed?”

“Yes, we were,” exclaimed John enthusiastically. “Now we have everything we had lacked to finalize the deal. We should be able to start moving equipment onto the land in about three weeks. It’s been vacant for years so that has made it easier too, no waiting for anyone to vacate.”

“The Lord continues to amaze me in the way He just keeps putting each step in place in its proper time,” began Susan. “It is hard to believe this is really happening sometimes. Throughout the years we have had so many struggles and disappointing setbacks and now to walk through a new door into this new season where so many things seem to be just falling into place is such a blessing. Sure we have some persecution and opposition, but the victories we are seeing are unparalleled from what I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Nikki piped in, “Yes, and you should have seen the eagerness of the owners to help us by including the mineral rights once they really understood what we are going to do with the land. They actually want to be a part of it now and want to help us as much as they can. They are waiting on our reply to take us on a special tour of it to show us all of the different areas, including the river, the waterfall, and the many ponds. There is a ridge and valley closer to the back of the property that is part of the forest and there are quite a few caves there that their family has mapped over the years. This is really exciting!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Roger as Nikki mentioned the caves. “We love caves. I hope there are sections of the caves we can use in the development. That would be really cool.”

“That’s for sure,” Jessica added. “We were privileged to explore a lot of caves while we were living in Africa. The local people used them for many different things. It was a lot of fun.”

Nikki continued, “To make things really interesting is that part of one of the caves has a stream of water flowing through it with a waterfall in a huge opening on the inside and then flows out to one on the outside. I can hardly wait to see that one.”

The team was really excited about this great news, especially when they heard about the caves. It seemed to add a completely new dimension of mystery and suspense and they wondered what special place the caves would play in the developing of the project.

Dan and Susan had taken a few weeks off from traveling to help with the beginning stages of the planning for the new city. By the time they left the office, it was past 6:00 o’clock so they decided to stop at El Serena Cafe to relax, eat and to spend a few moments together before they each went home for the night.

“Wow! What a day!” exclaimed Dan as he sat back in the lounger next to his sweetheart in front of the little stream. “It just keeps on getting better and better. Sometimes I wonder, when is something going to go wrong and then I have to refocus my thoughts. This is a new time in history. All things are new and sometimes it is hard to not let the pesky little negative thoughts slither out between my teeth.”

“I know what you mean,” said Susan as she leaned over on his shoulder. Her hair had grown longer over the last few months and now it was gently blowing in the small breeze. She reached back momentarily to grab it, twirled it gently and let it hang over the front of her shoulder to keep it in place. “I keep thinking there is going to be a lull in here somewhere, but it keeps staying steady. It would be nice to have a break and take that special trip to Switzerland…”

“…and what trip might that be?” asked Dan with a playful look on his face. They both wanted to get married as soon as possible but the timing hadn’t been right with all of the work that needed to be done in addition to all of the traveling that had already been scheduled. But he knew something that Susan didn’t know yet. “Oh, by the way, didn’t Sharon mention to you that there is a possible trip to Switzerland coming up if we decide to go?”

Susan straightened up quickly and slapped him on the shoulder. “You’re kidding? No one’s told me a thing.” She looked right into his eyes to see if he was telling her the truth. “Uh, huh! Keeping it to yourself, eh? I’ll get you for that.” She got up and moved over and plopped herself on his lap.

“Hey, that hurt,” said Dan referring to his shoulder. But as she fell into his lap, he reached around her and held her firmly in a hug as he kissed on her neck. “You are so beautiful, so special, so wonderful, so…”

“…glad that you’re trying to work yourself out of trouble, huh? Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked as she kissed him gently on the cheek.

“I wanted to surprise you,” Dan replied with a grin.

Just then the waitress walked up with a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Would you like me to pour them now, Dan?” she asked.

“Yes, Tina,” replied Dan, “and your timing is perfect.”

“Thank you,” said Tina with a playful grin as she turned around to leave.

“You are one sly cookie, mister!” said Susan as she smirked.

“I think the actual term was cookie monster. I love it when you do that. Your nose wrinkles up a bit and you look so cute,” Dan said.

“Here’s a toast!” said Susan as she raised her glass towards his. “Here’s to us and His plans for our lives. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend my life. You sir, are so special to me and I want to spend the rest of my life as your wife.”

“I can’t begin to think of my life without you. Yes, I’ll drink to that.” Dan said as their glasses touched. “I’d be so honored to spend the rest of my life with you, princess.”

The music was softly playing and they arose and started dancing as the rays of the moonlight glistened upon their faces. The night was unseasonably warm so it was quite comfortable outside. This was a love so new, yet so deep it seemed that they had already known each other for an eternity and yet, somehow was such an adventure that each wondered just how far they would fly on the wings of His love together. Their time together had seemed like a mere blur, but still they cherished every single moment.

After they left the cafe, Dan took Susan to her house. He barely remembered driving home and crawling into bed, but he vividly remembered what happened next.

Dan found himself on another mountain top and as he looked from a distance to the valley below, he heard the deafening sounds of pain and agony from what seemed like millions of people. It was so horrible that it sent chills down his spine. “What is that?” he cried out as he looked all around him expecting Alex to show up at any moment, but Alex was nowhere to be seen.

As he walked around trying to determine where this place was, a voice spoke out from close by. “These are some of My people, Dan. They have lost hope and they don’t know where to turn. These are the ones who tried to get into my Kingdom, but were turned away by people who said they followed Me but were only imposters.” The King, Himself continued as He walked around the rocky crag into Dan’s field of view. There were tears in His eyes and sorrow in His voice as He turned towards the valley below. “They are people who won’t go back into the four walls of a church building. Some don’t even want to hear My Name mentioned again because of the pain in their hearts. I didn’t do this to them. I am not the cause. They are in the streets, in the bars, and in far hopeless places than these. Some, you will find in places you’d rather not go, but I need you to go where I send you. Deep inside they really want to know the truth. It is time for My Bride to stand up and show them the real Me. Don’t be afraid to build these cities that Alex has been showing you details, nor of what others will say or do against you. What they don’t realize is that it will not be like in days gone by when they mocked Me as they desired with seemingly no consequences. The season has changed. Remember these words and share them abroad. I am the Lamb of God, but I am also the Lion of the tribe of Judah. As a lion stands against its enemies in the jungle, so I will stand against mine. Ananias and Sapphira died in My presence merely for lying to the Holy Spirit. Who are these who think they can do whatever they want with these precious ones of mine. People remember me as being very gentle when I walked the earth, but they don’t understand the fullness of the reasons I weaved the whip and used it. A new sound is being heard. It is like the roaring of a lion and when a lion roars in the jungle even the silence becomes deafening and the air itself seems to tremble in its presence. The fear of the King is here.”

Dan was trembling before His King. His beauty was so magnificent yet so awesome that he feared to even breathe. Dan had seen Jesus before in a different form, but never in His Kingly attire. There was such a sense of judgment in the air itself that were He not under the covering of the Lord’s righteousness; he knew he couldn’t survive even being there. Not too long ago the Lord had shown him a mantle of a lion and told him to put it on. As he did, a certain level of boldness came upon his life that he couldn’t describe. Where he had so much fear before, boldness was there instead. It was totally amazing to him.

“Sir, what is it you want me to do?” asked Dan as he began to feel the pain in His King’s heart. “What can I do?” He was weeping profusely and uncontrollably.

“Dan, for generations I have looked for a people who would come together under my rule and reign so that My body might be joined together in unity,” began the King. “But imposters rose up to further their own agendas and lust for power and greed. How can this generation ever see Who I Am by what they see in my people who are divided, broken, and defeated? That is not a true representation of Who I Am. So, just like I determined as I sat that day and weaved the whip together in the temple, so now I am walking into all of that which proclaims to be mine. I am coming with My fire and that which is built by my leading and direction will remain, but that which is built by human hands and intellect will burn to the ground.”

“These people preach in My Name, yet defame My Word by their own arrogance and ignorance. The very words they speak will condemn them. Like in the letters I sent to the seven churches, I will stand in their midst. Some will receive their rewards and others their punishment. Remember, I didn’t rebuke the Romans in my time, but rather the religious sects, a people that had a form of godliness but denied My power and truth. They made their own rules and traditions and not only did they not advance My Kingdom and open the revelations for their generation, but they kept My precious ones from going in, too. The world will understand that I am as gentle as a lamb to the ones who follow Me, but I am also like a lion to My enemies. Saul of Tarsus thought he was doing the right thing until I met him face to face on the road to Damascus. He had an encounter with Me and I totally changed his direction in life and also his name. The sound of the Lion’s roar is going to be heard in your generation and men will run for cover. They will even cry out for the rocks to fall upon them rather than be in My Presence.”

“Dan, I am sending more people to connect with you and the group you are connected with. This work will not be lead by a man, but by Myself. Each person in My Kingdom is special to Me and I have a special place and purpose for them. I will guard and protect this work with My Presence. To those who do not obey, they will not stay,” continued the King. “Write down the words I have spoken to you so that you might pass them on. Just like Ezekiel, you are responsible for what you see, hear and speak.”

Dan felt like he was totally undone and for the first time in his life he could really identify with Ezekiel. A responsibility beyond his ability was being placed upon his shoulders but he knew that the King’s grace would also empower him to do it. ‘His yoke is easy and His burden is light,’ he remembered. “Yes sir. I will do what you tell me. Help me Lord to do all you have given for me to do.”

“I already have,” replied the King. “Everything you need is on My table. There is more than you need and it is always available. I love you, My son. I am pleased with whom you’ve become. You are a prince in My Kingdom and I have given you My authority to accomplish what I have required of you. Everything you need is being provided to you. Don’t go ahead of Me. Walk with Me, step by step. Tell Susan and the team that I am pleased with them. Even though they are few, I am making the way. Gideon didn’t have much, but he had Me. I Am more than enough. Keep your eyes focused on Me and your ears on My voice.”

Immediately, Dan awakened just a few minutes before his alarm was set to go off. He felt totally refreshed and energized by this encounter in the night. He could hardly wait to get to the office and fill everyone in. This was so incredible He could barely believe it. Just then, Alex appeared. “Good morning, Dan!”

“Good morning Alex,” said Dan. “Where were you in the night?”

“I was right next to you, but the King’s radiance hid me from your view. I was sent this morning to make sure you realize that this was not a dream. You were in the King’s presence and His commands to you are of paramount importance. There is a lot of work to do and a lot of people to show the truth of His precious love for them. As you saw, His heart still bleeds for His people. I will be with you the whole way as will others. Remember the armies on the hills that were revealed to Elisha’s servant, they are with us,” encouraged Alex.

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