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Newly Released DARE TO DREAM Album

Joseph James’ new DARE TO DREAM Album is now on 36 Streaming Services & Online Stores. The following list are the songs on the 13 song Patriotic Album, are now on YouTube, music and lyric videos. America, it’s time to Dream Again, and help one another succeed. Thank you for your support and help to get this project out there for the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM 2020 TOUR. Word of Mouth is our best advertising and we hope the songs encourage and perhaps challenge you to go for your dreams and not let anything stop you.

DARE TO DREAM ALBUM ON YouTube Playlist, Amazon Music, & Apple Music

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DARE TO DREAM Album | Joseph James



1A. DARE TO DREAM | Joseph James [Official Music Video] [Released April 30, 2020]

1B. DARE TO DREAM | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released May 8, 2020]

2. SOLDIER’S STORY | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released February 17, 2020]

3. IF IT DIDN’T HAVE YOU | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released March 15, 2020]

4. NOT ALONE | Joseph James [Official Music Video] [Released March 24, 2020]

5. SOME OF THAT | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released March 26, 2020]

6. SOMEWHERE | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released March 26, 2020]

7. STILL | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released March 29, 2020]

8. I’VE GOT TO BREATHE | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released April 5, 2020]

9. MY WINGS | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released April 6, 2020]

10. DADDY, DADDY | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] [Released April 8, 2020]

11. ANGEL ON THE WAY [Official Lyric Video] [Released April 12, 2020]

12. HONEY, I LOVE YOU [Official Lyric Video] [Released April 13, 2020]

13. SIMPLE LIFE | Will Adkins [Released April 25, 2020]

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DARE TO DREAM Album | Joseph James | CD's & Vinyl


Join the Task Force and Help Change Our Country, Communities, & Generation!

CLARITY! FOCUS! It’s time for AMERICANS to remember who we are! Let’s start CARING for one another again and HELPING each other! We do it when things go bad, why not on a daily basis! Our soldiers fight daily to to keep us free, dare we let things fall apart where they have no place to home too? Each one of us knows who we are.


DREAMS – What are they? This is America, the land of dreamers, but do our people dream anymore? Many from other countries abandon everything to come here to fulfill their dreams. Many of our own people have given up their dreams and some turn to suicide. Where are the dreams? How do we help people find their dreams? That’s what the tour is all about. Contact us to find out more how we can come to your community and help.

Starting out with concerts and speaking, Joseph is adding local dancers, singers, songwriters, comedians and actors to the tour. We will have other area performers showcase their talents on stage and share their dreams. When possible we will include a Local Talent Contest and/or Open Mic to get local performers involved as well. The key is to get folks to share their dreams, encourage, and help each other succeed. This is a grass roots endeavor. Eventually, they will be traveling with a portable theatrical production through their GameChangers Universal Production company.

Just one more day… and perhaps the storm will break and hope will shine again. Storms are temporary, but death is permanent! Help save a life!” Joseph James



Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life, The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story

We have a website created to help people struggling with life in general. Joseph’s wife, Janiece, has gone through so many traumatic things and has made it through by many miracles. Check out her website, listen to her videos, and/or get her biography. Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life! The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story: Tell My People I Love Them! Please don’t end your life over a temporary problem. Storms pass and blessings come, we know, we’ve been there!

Joseph has written and published her biography and we are currently in production on her new movie, HER STORY. SENTENCED TO DEATH, DESTINED FOR LIFE, The Movie! Coming Soon!

If you find yourself in a dangerous place and need immediate help, please call someone, and if there isn’t anyone, please call the Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

We hope this site has enough information on it to help you in your journey out of the temporary storms in life. We hope we get to see you somewhere on the road as we travel. If not, know that our thoughts and prayers are for you. May you find the dream Father has planned for your life, and fulfill it. Psalm 139. Blessings, favor, grace and peace to you, in Jesus’ Name. Joseph James