• GameChangers Universal - Joseph James - Production and Touring Company

Joseph James has other projects he works on as well as outreaches to help people overcome depression and suicide. His passion is to encourage and to bring hope to the hopeless.

Dreamers Ink – Joseph is the founder of the Dreamers Ink life Force and has written the Dreamers Ink Self-Help book as a huge part of this endeavor. He has joined this project with his music tour.

GameChangers Universal – Joseph is co-founder along with his son Daniel. They created the production company to help bring change to the entertainment industry. They are currently working on writing two films and developing a theatrical production to tour the nation beginning next year to target depression and suicide.

Joseph James Blog – Joseph’s Blog about what’s happening with the tour, books, speaking and music. The Journey.

Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life & Blog – Joseph created this website and blog to help those dealing with major things in their life. He wrote his wife’s miraculous journey, biography in 2011. He filmed seven hours of her testimony that is available on the youtube channel. The website is there for all who surf the web to find help.