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Joseph James’ is currently working on an Online Store to offer his MUSIC, BOOKS, SHIRTS, ART PRINTS & TOUR MERCHANDISE and ways to make DONATIONS.


Donations help us to expand our outreach with the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM Tour. Please be sure to Contact Us if you want to help support the outreach to Save A Life! We can give you that information. Together we can counter the effects of depression that leads to suicide and drug usage and overdose.


We have created a Patreon Project page to help us fund the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM Tour. After 4.5 years of funding everything through our business, we’ve now opened it up for others to join in and be a part of the outreach. Traveling, lodging and venues are quite expensive so we’ve set up several ways on this website for folks to be able to help encourage our fellow neighbors across the country and get some nice rewards as well. Check it out! Joseph James Patreon Project


GameChangers Universal is Joseph & Daniel’s production company that is creating touring productions and films to help encourage people and to dream again. They are currently raising money to purchase the necessary equipment to tour with the first production, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! More information at GameChangers Universal.


Please continue to pray for us as we go where the Lord leads us to bring encouragement to our world. If you’d like to be a larger part of the outreach, please use our contact page to contact us. Also, share info about the tour with others as well as links to these pages on your social media and with the organizations you support. Together we can increase the messages of love for our fellow brothers and sisters who might be in desperate need of help. Thank you.

Donations help us continue our outreach with the AMERICA DARE TO DREAM Tour. Please be sure to visit it and help support the outreach to Save A Life!