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Check out the new DREAMERS INK Website & DREAMERS INK LIFE FORCE Training Program. Dedicated to Individuals who want to Discover, Pursue, and Live Out their God-Given Dreams in Victory and also to those who want to become Mentors or Life Coaches to help others Navigate the Journey to their God-Given Dreams. Form your own Groups to help each other, Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Etc. Dreams are very Powerful and can help folks climb out of a deep, dark pit of Despair, Depression, and Suicidal Tendencies! Restoring HOPE and FAITH to help people gain their rightful VICTORIES! JOIN THE FORCE!

DREAMERS INK Book Including Study Guide | DI Life Force Special Edition

Order now to read and send a few copies to those you love and care about. Spend some time with them and help them discover their dreams and purpose. It’s time for us to help each other win our race.  DARE TO DREAM!

DREAMERS INK Book Including Study Guide | DI Life Force Special Edition

DREAMERS INK Podcast Videos | 11 Videos – 7 Hours

Dreamers Ink Book & What's Your Story Podcasts by Joseph James

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Joseph created and produces a Podcast Series, WHAT’S YOUR STORY? In this series, he talks about all things related to the question, “What’s Your Story?” He has his own record label and publishing company, so he has been able to put this all together, himself. He shares from his experiences in life, writing, performing, traveling, and speaking. He has produced 3 of his own albums and published 9 of his own books. This video series is currently only on Rumble.

In this WYS Podcast Series, he created and produced 11 special podcasts, an Introduction and one for each chapter of the book. He wanted to add a more personal touch to the DREAMERS INK LIFE FORCE TRAINING PROGRAM. Whether you are an Individual seeking to discover your God-Given Dream, a Mentor, or Life Coach helping someone else through their journey, we hope this program is a blessing to you.

Keep in mind that this program is only a guide to help you discover what is inside of you and what the Lord has planned for your life. We pray that this Journey will become an Adventure every day for the rest of your life, a Treasure Hunt if you will, to Discover all the things He’s placed in you and hidden in each day for you to discover as you walk with Him daily, hand in hand, as Friends!

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 5 | Life Dream 1


Take a journey with Joseph through His Book, DREAMERS INK, and Discover & Pursue Your Life/God-Given Dream!

Those who are pursuing their dreams search through all kinds of information that can help them in their quest. It can become an exciting adventure to discover the hidden things inside of us. Sometimes truth is hidden in various places and it takes a lot of searching to find it. In our search we throw out that which won’t work for us, or place on a shelf for later review that which we’re not sure about. I believe that while this book is written from a Christian perspective, there is a lot of information in it for everyone to glean something that might help them in their journey. Joseph James

He will be going through the rest of the book in the next episodes. Check out his book at the links above and join the journey. Get others to join you, family, friends, peers, etc., as well and help each other. Get ready for the adventure of your life!

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 6 | Life Dream 2


DREAMERS INK is more than just a book, gift set, project, or concept. It is an actual journey, or even a way of life if you will. It’s a path not only of defining and realizing our hopes and dreams, but helping others along the way to theirs. When we understand that the fulfillment of our dreams is
dependent on the help and the interaction with others down our path, then we will have a different focus on how we all connect to help bring fulfillment to others dreams as well as our own. We are interconnected and not simply islands in this sea of humanity. So…

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 7 | Life Dream 3


Merriam-Webster defines dream as, “a strongly desired goal or purpose.”

Everything starts with a dream. Dreams give us a focal point as to the direction we want or need to take in our life. They are like planning a trip from Los Angeles to New York. We can start out in a general direction heading towards the northeast and then refine it along the way, course correcting as necessary. God started with a dream/vision and when it was completed, He proclaimed, “It is good. It is finished.”

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 8 | Life Dream 4


In considering the dreams of many world and generation changers, Joseph’s dream comes to mind. His story is found starting in Genesis 37. It is a typical story of a dreamer. Dreamers are sometimes full of pride, hated, but almost always mocked, diminished, and in some way tormented for dreaming something impossible to accomplish.

What about our book though? How do we access it? How can we know Father’s plan for our life? Is it a good plan? How much does He really care for us? What price will we have to pay with our lives? Well, let’s just look at a few things briefly and perhaps we can get a better idea.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 9 | Life Dream 5


Joseph had a dream at the age of 17. He dreamed that his family and others would one day bow down to him. Little did he know what all he would go through to get to that place, but he ended up saving many lives because he never gave up no matter how bad it got and it got really bad. He got thrown into a pit by his own jealous brothers and sold into slavery. Then, as he was getting his life back together, he was falsely accused of sexual advances by his owner’s wife and was thrown into prison, a dungeon. Ironically, when he was about as far down as he could get, it was his interpreting of dreams that released him into his destiny. Let’s take a journey together and see what all might lurk in the shadows up ahead!

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 10 | Life Dream 6


How does one define their dream? Well, most of what I’ve talked about, the illustrations I’ve shared, and the amount of brainstorming you’ve done so far is a good start. A lot of what the Lord has planned for us is already in us. We just need some help in discovering it. Most of the things we don’t know is the timing, the actual journey, and who are those who will be a part of our life.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 11 | Life Dream 7


Sometimes we might have to walk a path that seems to be going in the wrong direction only to find that there is a connection along the way who can help us get to our destiny much faster. It would be like driving a car from Los Angeles to New York City. We get to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma only to find the path heading south to Dallas, Texas. We can balk at the change in direction as it appears to be going in the wrong direction and a huge waste of precious time. When we finally get to Dallas though, we meet someone who has a plane ticket for us to New York City, thus saving us a lot of time and driving.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 12 | Life Dream 8


Real dreams are never just about us. When I was in sales, I learned that each individual personally knows at least 200 people and has some influence in their lives. When we do the math on that one, it is staggering just how much our actions and our lives cause a ripple effect across our generation. If my dream…

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 13 | Life Dream 9


Dreamers change their generation and sometimes, many generations that follow. I’m going to use a few examples of some and give my thoughts on them.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 14 | Life Dream 10


Society and the world system tries to dictate to us what we can and can’t do. It tries to place us in its mold. A system is something that controls. It doesn’t allow much for creative thinking outside of the box. It crushes the dreams of a dreamer until the dream is proven true. The system doesn’t have room for newbies until they end up forcing a new way through.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? SERIES | Episode 15 | Life Dream 11


Sometimes the adventure begins when we let loose, spread our wings, and just fly. Granted, there are still things we must do everyday, but this adventure takes place in our thoughts and imagination. It is in our imagination where we can go and discover things about ourselves. Imagine this! Imagine that! Perhaps some things won’t work, but that’s not what we’re looking for here. We are on a path of discovery, to brainstorm for a while, to try this and that, and to see what might work. There are no wrongs in this process of discovery, except in things illegal which we want to stay away from doing anyway.


Be sure to go through the Study Guide for each Chapter of the book. This will help you get more out of the journey to your Life Dream! You can do this individually or in a group. This book will help you to the degree of what you put into it. Be honest with yourself for the best outcome! DISCOVER AND PURSUE YOUR LIFE/GOD-GIVEN DREAM! Thank you for taking the journey with me. I hope it blesses you! Joseph James

Coming Soon To Gift Sets

We are in the process of creating 5 different gift sets for mentors, friends, and parents to give to their loved ones and those they want to help and encourage. The gift sets are created for Grade School Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Professionals. Each set will include the Dreamers Ink book and study guide, a journal, a calligraphy pen, and a set of blank Dream Certificates.

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Dreamers Ink Project

The Dreamers Ink Project was birthed out of Joseph’s discussions with many people across the USA and Alaska. So many folks feel all alone and isolated, yet we are able to communicate with each other in a greater way than ever before. Why is this? Why is the suicide rate so high and depression as well? So many have given up hope and especially on their dreams. How do we turn the tide? How do we get Americans to dream again in the Land of Dreams? Has America lost it’s way?

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