• WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Podcast | Episode 1 | INTRODUCTION | Joseph James | Rumble



Joseph’s LIFE COACHING debut began with his new podcast series, WHAT’S YOUR STORY? This series is about you. What’s your story? What’s the Lord’s Story and Dream for your life? Are you interested in finding out? Perhaps your friends and family would like to join you in this journey and find theirs as well. He has special guests on his show on occasion.

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Episodes 1-4 help folks Outline and Record their stories. He also talks about how to write and publish your own book. Episodes 5-15, see below. Episodes 16+ cover other topics and special guests.

DREAMERS INK Book & Podcasts, WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Episodes 5-15

Join Joseph in your journey to discover your Life/God-Given Dream in Episodes 5-15, as he takes a dive into his self-help/group-help book, DREAMER’S INK. Start your journey today, episodes 1-24 are now available. Thank you for joining him in the journey. We hope this WHAT’S YOUR STORY Series will bless you.