Yesterday, as I was driving for Lyft here in The Woodlands and Conroe, I had the privilege of giving three college ladies a ride. I was taking them to a wedding which was a good distance away. We had some great conversations and laughs, and here is one convo I want to share with you. We were talking about Christianity and how it is perceived by others. We had a lot of fun even though some of the subjects were really deep and serious. One lives in Ft. Worth, one in Dallas, and the other in San Diego.

We were talking about touching hearts and how some Christians, (religious folks), tell people what they should be doing and sometimes they just plain judge them out loud causing even more pain to the individual. That’s just plain being the devil’s advocate and it can crush their spirit even more. That’s what he does to them all the time already. Are we going to add to the pain? They really need to know they are loved and need hope in that moment. Unless they ask for advice, it might be better to keep it inside until the opportunity arises, if and when it does. Perhaps we need a better relationship established before they let us in, if not, it could be like water running off of a duck’s back. It could also push them away from the One who created them and really loves them, giving them a false idea of Who He really is.

Do we remember where we were and how we were doing before giving our hearts to Jesus, Him filling us with His love, and changing us? Or, were we pushed at Jesus that same way in fear of judgment? I remember hearing a lot of hell, fire, and damnation and it took me a long time to get over the fear it instilled inside of me. I was afraid to come near Him for a long time and it took a lot to get past it. It is His kindness and love that leads us to Him and helps us to want to change our ways. It is His kindness that helps us know that He’s not going to smack us, but rather, that His loving arms are open towards us and His are the greatest hugs we’ll ever get no matter how far we’ve run from Him or what we’ve done. I wrote the song STILL from my own journey.

Perhaps, we’d do well to remember or read the old fable of the Sun And Wind. The wind challenged the sun that it could get the man with the coat to take off his coat faster than the sun. The wind blew the clouds over the man and produced a gale-force wind, but the man only held his coat tighter. He never got it off. The sun just came out from behind the clouds with its warmth and the man removed his coat almost immediately. Judgment, force, fear, versus love, kindness, and warmth! What would we rather have? Why can’t we share that?

Sometimes folks who are crying inside with a broken heart show anger and frustration on the outside. They don’t know how to deal with it and it comes out like that. What they really might need is a helping hand and/or hug. If we are truly spiritual, we’ll be able to see that as well. Perhaps, when we have that tendency to judge, it could be coming from a mirror inside of us and we might not want to deal with it ourselves. Holy Spirit has a way of taking that mirror and showing us what is inside so He can set us free. Why not reach out and set two people free at the same time? Let the person know we are dealing with the same thing. It’ll pull them in closer, they’ll be more willing to trust us, and then neither one of us will be alone in it. His love can heal us both.

One tip I left them with and I do so with other wedding parties, especially since I am involved so much with suicide prevention, was this. When you are at the wedding, please watch out for all the guests. Make sure they are doing well and if not, talk to them. Not everyone is having fun at a wedding, no matter how much they laugh and smile. Some paint on a fake smile, but if you look closely, you can see it in their eyes. The eyes don’t lie! Light and sparkling with life and joy or dark with sorrow and maybe grief! Sometimes they are there as a last resort, hoping that someone really notices them and cares. Too many have gone to weddings one week and a funeral the next because no one noticed, not that they didn’t really care. Make the wedding celebration truly a time of celebration and fun like it should be. It doesn’t cost anything but a little time to reach out. It might save someone you love. Who knows, perhaps there is a blessing waiting for you in it too.

Here is a song I wrote and released recently, CALL ME. We’ve got to be there for each other, lean on others sometimes, and trust them to be able to help. Sometimes our emotions in the situation can get us to do stupid things. Our friends are there to help. Please reach out to them. I’m guilty of not doing this myself, so that’s why this song is from deep in my heart. Be transparent and it helps others to be as well. Share the songs with family and friends if you want. Music is powerful! The images are from Colorado Springs when we were there!

Just some quick thoughts this morning. I don’t plan these posts. I just share them as they come to me. I hope this blesses and encourages you. May His blessings, favor, grace, peace, and joy fill you full, always. Keep your head up and Go For Your Dream!

Joseph James

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