Yesterday, as I was driving for Lyft here in The Woodlands and Conroe, I had the privilege of giving three college ladies a ride. I was taking them to a wedding which was a good distance away. We had some great conversations and laughs, and here is one convo I want to share with you. We were talking about Christianity and how it is perceived by others. We had a lot of fun even though some of the subjects were really deep and serious. One lives in Ft. Worth, one in Dallas, and the other in San Diego.

We were talking about touching hearts and how some Christians, (religious folks), tell people what they should be doing and sometimes they just plain judge them out loud causing even more pain to the individual. That’s just plain being the devil’s advocate and it can crush their spirit even more. That’s what he does to them all the time already. Are we going to add to the pain? They really need to know they are loved and need hope in that moment. Unless they ask for advice, it might be better to keep it inside until the opportunity arises, if and when it does. Perhaps we need a better relationship established before they let us in, if not, it could be like water running off of a duck’s back. It could also push them away from the One who created them and really loves them, giving them a false idea of Who He really is.

Do we remember where we were and how we were doing before giving our hearts to Jesus, Him filling us with His love, and changing us? Or, were we pushed at Jesus that same way in fear of judgment? I remember hearing a lot of hell, fire, and damnation and it took me a long time to get over the fear it instilled inside of me. I was afraid to come near Him for a long time and it took a lot to get past it. It is His kindness and love that leads us to Him and helps us to want to change our ways. It is His kindness that helps us know that He’s not going to smack us, but rather, that His loving arms are open towards us and His are the greatest hugs we’ll ever get no matter how far we’ve run from Him or what we’ve done. I wrote the song STILL from my own journey.

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There’s that SUPER DREADED word again, BROKEN! I hate it with a passion and I see so many others there and just want to heal them instantly. Just about the time we get things sewn together, someone else comes along and rips a greater hole, it seems. It’s like that graphic song that came out a while back, STITCHES, “…needle and thread, gonna get you out of my head.” We were so wonderfully and delicately created and put together by the Lord in our mother’s womb. Psalm 139. We were created to be loved! Whole! How do we get there? Is it even possible?

True Love cannot exist without True Freedom and that freedom starts in the Spirit. “Who the Lord sets free is free indeed!” John 8:36. He also heals all of our wounds in our spirit, soul, and body, if we allow it. Sometimes our own words and doubt erase or hinder what He can do. Been there, done that so many times! I’m still finding those broken pieces and trying to stitch them back together. There is scar tissue there and some callouses. Just need the oil of the anointing to be massaged into those areas, healing! Yes! Read more



Welcome friends, fans, and guests. I’m starting something new today and we’ll see how it goes. I might have to course correct along the way, but that’s the fun in going on an adventure into the unknown. It’s been a long time since I have seriously written in a blog and I’ve done so much since. So, here goes! Welcome to the journey! I truly hope it blesses you.

I have so many things to share with you so that I might be able to encourage you today, give you some hope, perhaps some tips to make your life easier, and maybe some stories to help you in your journey. I’ve been through a lot of stuff, traveled quite a bit, and accomplished a lot of things. So, here goes! Are you ready?

I’ve been given a new lease on life and it’s changed everything. I had a seizure and a minor vehicle accident on March 8, 2024. It stress-fractured five of my vertebrae. The good thing about this was that it uncovered an eight mm cerebral aneurysm in my head between my left ear and eye. I was a walking time bomb with it just waiting to explode and kill me. I lost two months of my life in and out of the hospital, five visits, twelve days, and am almost fully recovered. It’s all repaired now and I am free to continue my Life Race! I’ll go into more depth in my following posts.

Where are you at in your journey of life? Are you running for your God-given Life Dream? Are you in the throes of despair and depression? Are you in a romance or recently broken up? Is your heart in pieces or mostly healed and restored? Do you have your own business or perhaps no work at all? Is life easy for you and you have fun things to share or is life so difficult, you feel so overwhelmed? Read more

Memorial Day 2020

On this Memorial Day, I just want to say thanks to all of our vets and military. Through all the bad things you might be facing, you can make it through. We support you.

I wrote this song to encourage you and your families. I’m working on creating and filming the music video to it. I need some vets, soldiers and their families to be a part of it. Perhaps we can include some short clips of you saying something to those out there that you want to encourage. I’d like to have it finished by Veteran’s Day. After the Lord gave me the song title, SOLDIER’S STORY, and story early one morning in and out of sleep, I awakened to hearing this, “Jesus, take the wheel!” so I included that line in the song.

I’d like to use some short video clips with you in uniform, being together with your family and/or your buddies, perhaps some video of some of the military equipment and planes. I have video I took here of the stealth bomber overhead that I put in DARE TO DREAM Music Video. I’ll let you know where and when we will be filming, and might do some of it while we’re traveling on tour.

Let me know if you’d like to help me in this project. You don’t have to be in the military to help. Use our contact page to message us. True Americans are proud of you! Don’t listen to the others.

This song is available also on Amazon and on Spotify and other streaming services, all 36 by June 1, 2020. DARE TO DREAM Album by Joseph James. Search the name of the album or song and Joseph James. More info at |


Joseph James will be discussing their journey through the dark places of life, sharing some insight into possible causes and solutions to make it through without giving up. This is part of his Follow Your Dreams tour and outreach. Event is free! Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sunday, December 9, 2018.


We all need some clouds in our day to have a beautiful sunset, but sometimes the temporary storms are too much. Then we need some help to walk through it. There should be no shame in needing help, as this shame isolates and magnifies the problem.

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Joseph James

For more info, please visit this website. If you’d like to help in the tour or outreach, please use our contact form.

Thank you,

Joseph James

November 4, 2018 | Bringing Hope | Follow Your Dreams by Joseph James

FREE EVENT | Joseph James, author and singer/songwriter, is coming to Denver to discuss what he is doing on his Follow Your Dreams tour as they’ve traveled the nation and Alaska over the last 5.5 years. They’ve reached out to communities and individuals, sharing hope and encouragement through meetings, concerts, and shows in order to help those going through depression and/or struggling with suicidal thoughts or just life in general.

FREE EVENT | November 4, 2018 – 3-5pm | Denver Metro/Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Northridge Rec Center, Crestone Room 8800 Broadway Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Seating Limited – Visit Event Link and Reserve Your Spot.

Joseph James Tour Advertisement | Follow Your Dreams Tour

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Listen to my interview this evening, July 27, 2018 at 7:00pm EDT with hosts Pastor G and Lady C of Give God The Glory Broadcast in Detroit, Michigan. We will be discussing Janiece’s Biography, my upcoming new LIMITED EDITION Book and the new Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life Movie. Get the latest scoop, live streaming from Detroit. ON RADIO | GIVE GOD THE GLORY BROADCAST.

On The Radio | Give God The Glory Broadcast | Joseph James

For more info about the upcoming Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life Book and Movie, check out the info and links below. Find out how you can help us spread the word and become a part of the project. Reserve your Limited Edition Copy of the book, coming later this year!

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SDDL Movie Project



Pre-Purchase the new, upcoming, Limited Edition, Autographed &
Numbered, Color Hardback Book Joseph James is writing in story form to
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ONLY 500 Books
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* Final Cover Design Subject To Change!

Target Release Date: November 1, 2018
This 500 Book SPECIAL OFFER will help us cover initial expenses in taking this story from a screenplay into a new movie. It will also help us spread the word about her story in preparation for and anticipation in the upcoming movie.
Sentenced To Death Destined For Life Story | Movie | Joseph James

Her Current Biography below can be purchased on our website for $19.95 and also on Kindle & Nook. It is also available on Amazon. Read the story and pass it on so that others can read and be encouraged and then get ready to see it on the big screen. It costs a lot of money to produce a movie, but together we can do it. From the sale of just 1 million prints of her current biography, we can produce the movie.

Sentenced To Death Destined For Life Biography | Movie | Joseph James

Purchase Janiece’s Biography for $19.95 at our Beneficial Zone
Store, watch approximately 7 hours of video by Janiece, listen to Radio
Shows we’ve been on and more info at the websites below.

Keep up with the latest news on the projects we are doing and
where we are on tour at the websites below and connect to our
social media from there. May the Lord bless you and encourage you
to Follow Your Dreams, the ones He’s written for your life! Psalm 139

Janiece’s Story Website:

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Tour Support | Patreon Project

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Help us get the word out there about Follow Your Dreams and let’s CANCEL SUICIDE & DEPRESSION.

Joseph James

FYD Concert | The Open Door Mission | Omaha NE | 05.25.18

The Open Door Mission | Omaha NE (Private Concert)

Joseph James’ will be performing at the Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska on May 25, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny. We performed at the mission October 2018 and it was great to encourage those who have lost everything and are homeless.  This event is a private performance.

Follow Your Dreams Tour - Joseph James - Open Door Mission - Omaha Nebraska - May 25, 2018

FYD Concert | SOZO Coffeehouse | Omaha NE | 05.24.18

SOZO Coffeehouse | Omaha NE

Joseph James’ will be performing at the SOZO Coffeehouse in Omaha, Nebraska on May 24, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny. We might have special guest performers from the community. Tickets are $5 online and at the door.

If you’re in the area or know of someone who is, please let pass this on.

Follow Your Dreams Tour - Joseph James - Sozo Coffeehouse - The Well Music - Omaha Nebraska - May 24, 2018

FYD Concert | Grace Center | Shawnee, OK | 05.18.18

Grace Center | Shawnee, OK

Joseph James’ will be performing at the Grace Center, 130 S. Oklahoma Ave, Shawnee, OK 74801 on May 18, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny.

If you’re in the area or know of someone who is, please let pass this on.

Follow Your Dreams Tour - Grace Center Shawnee Oklahoma - Joseph James - Daniel Hartmann (Dee Zee) - Concert

FYD Concert | The Living Room | Shawnee, OK | 05.17.18

The Living Room | Shawnee, OK

Joseph James’ will be performing at The Living Room (Shawnee Rescue Mission) 506 South Beard on May 17, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny.

If you’re in the area or know of someone who is, please let pass this on to them.

Follow Your Dreams Concert - Joseph James and Daniel Hartmann - The Living Room Shawnee, OK

Changing Lives

Sometimes a praise report can change everything, especially for us today. When we left Atlanta on the 1st, we knew we needed to head west, possibly California to get medical testing for Janiece. When we entered Texas, we got a call to pray for a friend in a coma in San Antonio. Most of you have read that post and prayed with us. This morning we got a call saying our friend is out of ICU, is responsive, has taken the “do not resuscitate” status off, and is saying she knows the Lord still has work for her to do. We are beyond thankful and so honored the Lord would send us to help. We know we weren’t the only ones praying, but I know the words He had me declare over her in that state made a huge difference and you are part of that. Suicide avoided and another dream of His has a chance to be fulfilled along with the rest of us in His Kingdom. This is why we go, even for one. I just wanted to share this to encourage those of you who are praying with us and you who are helping to support us financially. You are so appreciated.

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FYD Tour Concert Omaha – Video Highlights

We recorded the Follow Your Dreams Tour concert at the Sozo Coffeehouse in Omaha, Nebraska on October 12, 2017 and created a Video Highlights film on YouTube. This is to show a small portion of what we do in the concerts and outreaches as we encourage folks to dream and to not give up. Depending on venues, we can do speaking and/or music and add dance, comedy and acting in as well. Read more

A True Story Of Miracles – Help This Go Viral!

Sentenced To Death Destined For Life - The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story - by Joseph James

Help us get this true story to go viral and to help save some folks going through depression and possibly considering suicide. Janiece’s story has helped many over the years, those who watched her personally, those who saw all of the miracles, and those who are hearing her share her story or reading her biography.

It is the story of a young person walking through overwhelming odds.

It is the story of when all around her gave up, miracles still happened!

What was viewed as a tragic ending to a life,  began a journey for new dreams to be fulfilled!

Dream! Dare To Live! Life is an Adventure! Read more

Help Us Save A Life

I am MORE DETERMINED than ever after hearing yet another heart breaking story today and I felt totally helpless. I went to an appointment here in Houston. The last time I was there was in February. Since then, the nephew of the lady at the front desk committed suicide four months ago. I didn’t have the website ready back then, but could it have helped? She and her sister are broken and asking why! I told her about what we are doing with the tour and the IMO – In Memory Of… pages and she’s going to pass it on to her sister in case it might help someone else. “He was a bright 21 year old from Corpus Christi with a promising future and now he’s gone. All we have left is memories and a empty hole in our hearts where he was,” she said. It breaks my heart!

In Memory Of Page - Life Support Messages

We have set up an IMO – In Memory Of page on my tour site and are going to put it on another as well, Janiece’s Bio site, Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life, when I have the time. This page is dedicated to those who have lost loved ones by suicide, drug overdose, or taken too soon by various things. By helping to support the tour on our Patreon Project for $10 per month or more, you can share a LIFE SUPPORT Message about someone you lost. I’d like to see a minimum goal of 1000 Life Support Messages on these pages. This will help us lower the costs of the outreach shows.

Can you imagine someone, who is contemplating suicide and just trying to find a reason to live, visiting this page in a Google search? Or because someone shared it on their Social Media Page? Can you imagine them reading through hundreds of messages how their loved one didn’t know about the special love they had for them? They left behind broken hearts, broken dreams and sometimes broken lives. Do you think it might just make a difference? Even if only one!

We are posting two Life Support Messages as soon as we get the text from the sponsors. Right now there are 4 samples on the page. Will you help us? It costs so much money and time to do this outreach tour and eventually the live production and we’ve been able to cover all of the costs until now. We need your help. The person reading the messages will know that it’s more than just a message, but there was also financial support and prayer backing it to get the word out there. That says a lot. We have a minimum of $1 per month in the Patreon Project so anyone who wants to help, can. If you can’t afford the $10 per month but still want to place a Life Support Message on the page, please message me. We’ll help and perhaps we can get some sponsors who don’t have a Life Support Message to cover it.

We have faced much financial opposition since our trip to Alaska and Omaha, but we are determined to continue on. Numerous folks have thanked us for doing what we do. I talked to two pastors in Conroe yesterday who want to support the outreach when we are able to do one in their community. There is so much work to be done and I feel so inadequate. Please pass this on to others. The life you help save might be someone you know. The constant response is, “if only I had known.” Look at your friends and family to see if there are any signs. Tell them how you feel, even if they get tired of hearing it. Thank you for your prayers and support. It means more than you know.

Link to IMO Page:

Link to Patreon Project Page:

Follow Your God-given Dreams and Fly!
Joseph James

FYD Concert Omaha, NE October 12, 2017

We will be at the Sozo Coffeehouse in Omaha, Nebraska for a concert | outreach with our Follow Your Dreams Tour. Please join us from 7-9pm. I’ll be sharing my songs and Dee Zee will do a freestyle dance or two. Let’s encourage each other to go for our dreams! SAVE A LIFE! See you there! Sozo Coffeehouse, 1314 Jones St, Omaha, Nebraska 68102

Joseph James YouTube:

Dee Zee YouTube:

Tickets are $5 online or at the door. Purchase online at

Follow Your Dreams Concert - Joseph James - Dee Zee - Omaha, NE 10.12.17


A Message Of Hope Along A Lonely Road! | In Memory Of… Web Page

After discussing this with some friends and ministers about this and getting very positive feedback, I decided to go with it. I didn’t want people to think we’re trying to make money off of someone else’s grief. This is a delicate subject and I want to treat it with respect.

Many folks want to help in preventing suicide but don’t know how. So many have lost loved ones to suicide, drug overdose, or simply lost someone too soon, and want to reach out to others to make a difference, but don’t have a way. Just one simple voice with a loving message might just make a difference in a life or death decision as someone skims through cyberspace looking for a reason to live!

We have provided a way to do both on Joseph James’ website and soon, Sentenced To Death, Destined for Life website as well. For a minimum $10 monthly or $120 yearly donation, we will place the name of the loved one you lost, your name, and a short message you want to add on the websites. It can be a famous person as well. This will serve a three-fold purpose.

#1. It will help us to reach out with our concerts|productions|outreaches to those who need encouragement and help keep our costs down. Traveling and paying for venues is very expensive. We are joining with other organizations in each community to make sure that those who need help, get it.

#2. You will be able to tell someone else a short story about how much your loved one meant to you. Perhaps this will make a difference to someone who reads your memory. Perhaps it will convince them that their loved ones care for them as well. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to change one’s mind.

#3. Your memory is an ongoing testimony to everyone who reads it, of a life that was taken too soon, no matter the reason. Everyone matters and has a destiny to fulfill!

We thank you for your support and help. We’ve been traveling for four years, paying our own way but together we can do even more. Eventually, we’ll be traveling with a production and cast.

Here is the link to the page. There are some sample posts there now. You can click on the link on that page to help sponsor the outreach tour:

We’ll be adding this page to as soon as we can.


Joseph James