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I am MORE DETERMINED than ever after hearing yet another heart breaking story today and I felt totally helpless. I went to an appointment here in Houston. The last time I was there was in February. Since then, the nephew of the lady at the front desk committed suicide four months ago. I didn’t have the website ready back then, but could it have helped? She and her sister are broken and asking why! I told her about what we are doing with the tour and the IMO – In Memory Of… pages and she’s going to pass it on to her sister in case it might help someone else. “He was a bright 21 year old from Corpus Christi with a promising future and now he’s gone. All we have left is memories and a empty hole in our hearts where he was,” she said. It breaks my heart!

In Memory Of Page - Life Support Messages

We have set up an IMO – In Memory Of page on my tour site and are going to put it on another as well, Janiece’s Bio site, Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life, when I have the time. This page is dedicated to those who have lost loved ones by suicide, drug overdose, or taken too soon by various things. By helping to support the tour on our Patreon Project for $10 per month or more, you can share a LIFE SUPPORT Message about someone you lost. I’d like to see a minimum goal of 1000 Life Support Messages on these pages. This will help us lower the costs of the outreach shows.

Can you imagine someone, who is contemplating suicide and just trying to find a reason to live, visiting this page in a Google search? Or because someone shared it on their Social Media Page? Can you imagine them reading through hundreds of messages how their loved one didn’t know about the special love they had for them? They left behind broken hearts, broken dreams and sometimes broken lives. Do you think it might just make a difference? Even if only one!

We are posting two Life Support Messages as soon as we get the text from the sponsors. Right now there are 4 samples on the page. Will you help us? It costs so much money and time to do this outreach tour and eventually the live production and we’ve been able to cover all of the costs until now. We need your help. The person reading the messages will know that it’s more than just a message, but there was also financial support and prayer backing it to get the word out there. That says a lot. We have a minimum of $1 per month in the Patreon Project so anyone who wants to help, can. If you can’t afford the $10 per month but still want to place a Life Support Message on the page, please message me. We’ll help and perhaps we can get some sponsors who don’t have a Life Support Message to cover it.

We have faced much financial opposition since our trip to Alaska and Omaha, but we are determined to continue on. Numerous folks have thanked us for doing what we do. I talked to two pastors in Conroe yesterday who want to support the outreach when we are able to do one in their community. There is so much work to be done and I feel so inadequate. Please pass this on to others. The life you help save might be someone you know. The constant response is, “if only I had known.” Look at your friends and family to see if there are any signs. Tell them how you feel, even if they get tired of hearing it. Thank you for your prayers and support. It means more than you know.

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