Following is a very short, encouraging story I wrote on 05.20.20. I hope it encourages you! Joseph James


Sometimes life just seems too impossible, too far out there to grasp, let alone to harness. It seems like you’ll never make it, like every precipice you attain only reveals another summit going higher still. When will the real summit show it’s face, that place when you can look down with the wind gently blowing in your face and hair, that refreshment that comes from knowing you’ve conquered that which you were destined to do? Looking down in victory on all who’ve said you couldn’t do it! Give up! It’s not worth it! Yeah, but I did it!

Sometimes, on the way up, the tired legs that give way, the breath that can’t be fully inhaled, your heartbeat racing as your heart seems to be trying to escape your chest, as you fall lifelessly to the ground with your face in the mud. Lying there, moments, hours, days perhaps, wondering in a state of exhaustion if the ascent so far has been worth it. What comes next? You’ve gone too far to turn back now, but you’re all alone in this place – or so it seems. Read more


2021!!! Here we go…

Going to start off this new year here in Boerne, TX where I began last year in Colorado Springs, CO before the pandemic/feardemic shut everything down. We welcome your prayers as this is an ongoing battle to get through all of the hoops.

I am putting the DREAMER’S INK TASK FORCE into full throttle and we’re going to save some lives. This is Texas and no, we haven’t shut down. There has been too many deaths related to the shut downs and isolation that the media doesn’t even mention. I’m looking into places to hold these meetings, the Bevy hotel in Boerne has given me a good rate and I want to find some places in the neighboring areas as well, including San Antonio.

Suicide strikes without warning, one day we are talking to our friend, family member or peer and the next going to their funeral. I’ve had enough. The pandemic has only made this worse.

You can start your own Task Force no matter where you are with your family, friends, and/or work place or I can come and help you get started. Read more

Dreamer’s Ink Meetings

In the next coming weeks, I am looking for a meeting place where we can get together and talk about dreams, you know, those God-given dreams and plans for each of our lives. How can we find them? How can we help each other to fulfill them? How can we build His Kingdom together, both spiritually and in the physical realm as well?

You see, His Kingdom is about everyone of His people coming together at His leading so that He can place us where He wants to build. Some leaders are more focused on how their people can help their vision, but what about how we can help Father fulfill His vision with each of us individually? This means not just in ministry, but in the marketplace as well. Not putting down any group by any means, but rather, going a bit further and including all… I talk to so many who want to be a part of the big picture but have been so limited.

Anyway, if you would like to be a part and you are in the San Antonio area, let me know, or I can travel to your area as well. Perhaps we’ll do the meeting via Zoom at some point if others in other places are interested as well.

The Lord had me write and publish a book, Dreamer’s Ink, last year to help those struggling with direction and purpose to counter depression and suicide. It’s mostly a book of questions for each reader to help them think and search inside. We will be using the study guide somewhat as we help one another in this Dreamer’s Ink Task Force, based on Hab 2. Write down the vision…

We are using the America Dare To Dream Tour to do this across the nation and beyond. Through all of our individual giftings and talents, just think of what we can do together to spread His love to those around us. If they can see us together, perhaps they’ll taste of His goodness and want to be a part… What say you?

You can check out this book and the itinerary on this website and use the form to contact us. Blessings…

SPINNING AROUND Song | Joseph James

SPINNING AROUND | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

YouTube | Rumble


C  /B  Am  /B  C  /B  Am  /B  G
C                              D               C                            D
Waking up in the morning. Sunlight shining through.
C                                  D /E         G     /F#   Em
Blowing now sweet kisses, at you.

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I’M GONNA FLY Song | Joseph James

I’M GONNA FLY | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

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C Am C Am
C                                 Am          C                    Am
Walking down this trail just wandering along,
C                                   Am   F                         G
I know that there’s an end, just like in this song,

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MY LADY Song | Joseph James

MY LADY | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

MY LADY | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

D                                  A                            D   Ds
Lady, I love you, no matter what you do.
D                                          A                          D
Your heart is always for me. I know this to be true. Read more

WE ARE AMERICAN Album | Joseph James

WE ARE AMERICAN Album | Joseph James [YouTube Playlist]


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All 7 Songs Now Available!

1. WE ARE AMERICAN | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video] Audio: 6:50 Video: 7:20

WE ARE AMERICAN | Joseph James

A Song For America! A declaration of HOPE, HEALING, & UNITY! Read more