What a mouthful. What does all of this mean? When is each one a good thing? Can we have them all at the same time? What do we need in order to be able to fulfill our God-given Life Dream?

Today, we celebrate Independence from England and the establishment of a new, and free country almost 250 years ago. But look at us now! Do we only see the bad that is going on? Do we see only the good? Can we see both and distinguish between them? One is trying to destroy us while the other is trying to help us become even better.

Our world and generation seem to be in much chaos, but I suggest that it is really in constant transition. Transition to what? If you believe in God and are a Christian, this can open up a can of worms, because many Christians are on opposite sides in their belief of what is currently happening and how it will progress. Clearly, sometimes we are our own worst enemies! Many read the Bible to help them find and discover the truth, but many don’t and just listen to those who claim to know the truth and get misled. There are many teachers in Christendom that teach opposing messages. Who is right? Who is wrong? Why does it matter?

We are also supposed to share His Love with each other, (they will know we are Christians by our Love), but too many try to tear each other down and promote division like a cancerous tumor in the body. This promotes confusion and weakness in the ranks and many are weak in their faith and walk because of this.

What kind of portrait does the world see when they view what claims to be Christendom? Is it a true portrait of Jesus on the canvas they see, or is the canvas full of holes where folks are missing, their Light covered, and possibly painted over with colors to mar and distort the image?

We can’t blame the world for judging the fruit they taste and experience from us. Love must be seen and experienced in order to bring change. No one wants to be around judgment. They already hear it from their adversary constantly telling them lies, how bad they are, there is no hope, and other things. They are desperately trying to find love, hope, and truth. They are already searching for it. No one is going to lead a horse to water and get him to drink by using a whip. You can drive them there but you can’t make them drink. They have to be willing and trusting! Judgment produces fear. Does Jesus draw folks to Himself through Love or fear? Do they follow Him out of fear or love? Do you follow or stay away from Him because of love or fear? Comprehend? Love or Fear and Pain? What do you prefer? It’s His goodness that leads us to repentance, to get us to change, not judgment. How can we change this?

All of this seems to add to the chaos, confusion, and fear settling over our global population and generation today. But there is a plan! In fact, there are many plans! Forces of good and evil are colliding constantly and globally. (I wrote about all of this in my five-book fiction series, ISLANDS IN THE SEA). The media is vying to bring discord and division so they can promote the propaganda of the highest bidder/funder/advertiser! That which has ruled over us for a century is simply falling apart, but what is going to rise from the ashes and how will it play out? How will we navigate through it? Where will we find ourselves as we walk through it? What are the best choices to make? These are the questions in the minds of many! Some are so afraid to even venture outside of their homes because of the fearmongering over the last few years. With AI, the truth can be distorted and believed even more. What is the truth?

I would like to offer a story that I use for myself all the time in order to stay focused and to keep fear at bay. You see, fear tries to have its way over us and it can be a constant battle to remain focused and steadfast on the truth.

Now, if one were to just read the Bible with their human mind, it seems like a book of confusion, contradictions, and opposing ideas, especially if we were to compare the Old Testament to the New. The Bible, Word of God, which was recorded by many different authors, was never meant to be read, nor understood without the help of the Holy Spirit interpreting through Rhema, now and present words, visions, and revelations. God still speaks to us audibly, in our thoughts, visions, revelations, through others, and through His angels. The demons use some of the same methods. So, it’s good to always test what we see and hear.

The Bible is a huge puzzle and it is extremely encrypted. One revelation or story can begin in one book and then be added to from different books in order to complete a whole message. It’s like there are puzzle pieces hidden everywhere that must be connected in order to be fully understood. It is called the Living Word because it is timeless. There is a message and truth for each generation to grasp and apply. If you really want a challenge, ask the Lord to help you and start your own adventure looking for what He has for you. The Lord plainly reveals His wonderful plans for humanity to each individual on a need-to-know basis, with the right words, visions, and revelations at the right time in the correct generations. It also hides these things from those seeking to mess up His plans. They can see some things and get an idea, but they miss out in the end.

CASE IN POINT! Teachers of the Law in the Old Testament scoured the scriptures to find out about the Messiah. They wanted to know everything even 400 years before He came. Many are trying to do that now for His second coming! When will He come? How will He come? Many take their own preconceived ideas, add them to the prophetic words, and make them into doctrines. (Hence, 88 Reasons Jesus Is Coming in 1988 – Got a lot of folks to believe him and totally missed it in front of the whole world.) Some called themselves Pharisees, Sadducees, etc. They not only totally missed everything about Jesus and His coming, they ended up taking a part in His crucifixion. In their pride and arrogance, they lost everything. How sad! They spent all that time, years, and energy, selling themselves out to a lie and missed the very thing they so desperately desired. I’d rather stay ready on a daily basis, because no one will know that time as it is written. Why waste so much energy and time on something we won’t know? PRIDE always goes before a fall! It’s great to watch the signs though to be ready. Truth is, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. A seizure and aneurysm almost took me out March 8, 2024. By the grace of God I’m still here and healed.

The devil also searches the scriptures and misses it. His only way to work on earth is by possessing and/or influencing humans so he can defeat God’s wonderful plan for us. He uses the arts, music, books, movies, etc. He controls through governments, businesses, and bullies. He knows the scriptures backward and forward and uses every opportunity to pervert them, creating lies. Has God said? He really meant something else! If you really are a Christian…? He is a great legalist and lawyer, but he doesn’t have the Holy Spirit to interpret them. It’s hidden from him. He knows his end is coming soon and he’s trying desperately to stop it and bring as many of God’s wonderful creation/family with him. Hell wasn’t designed for humans. God created us so He could have each of us in His wonderful family, so that He could love on us, and show us the special things He has planned for us. Good parents want what’s best for their children. How much more so, Him! The devil loses in the end, as well as all of those who believe His lies over the truth from the Lord.

So, who do we believe? I’ve been on all sides of the second-coming equation. I’ve read the Bible and books on the end times. I believed certain things as a baby Christian, some of which I’ve now discarded. Now, I see it’s better to hold onto things loosely, wait for the Lord, watch for the signs, and follow His daily leading for me. If I do that, I’ll always be in the right place at the right time with Him right beside me, hand in hand, and at peace.

To illustrate further, those of us who were alive on September 10, 2001, were planning a lot of things for the coming weeks and perhaps stressing about some of it. The attack on September 11 changed those plans drastically for the whole world. Airplanes were grounded and traveled reduced greatly. I was stuck in Gatwick Airport in London. Why worry about things that might change in a heartbeat anyway? Why not just get the word for what to do each day? He knows what’s going to happen tomorrow anyway, so why not focus on what is going to already prepare us for tomorrow, and help to keep us safe, and at peace?


Why not all three?

In our lives and as a country we need to be INDEPENDENT in certain areas of our lives. Co-Dependency can be deadly and dream-destroying. We can function freely being INDEPENDENT in regards to being able to make our own choices in life. We own the consequences and rewards of every decision we make regardless of how it was influenced. We can be forgiven though, if we ask. All of us make bad choices and mistakes. Do we grow and mature from them?

We need to be INTERDEPENDENT in regard to safety, life, progress, dreams, etc. No human will survive for long being an island to themselves. We were created to be around others, to touch, and to love. Covid isolation illustrated this very vividly. All the suicides! We all need help in certain areas plus we need to reciprocate that help to others in order to build that which is necessary for sustained life and happiness. While we are now INDEPENDENT from England, we are INTERDEPENDENT with them in some things like helping to protect each other, commodities we share, and other things. We are stronger together in some things yet free to choose our own destiny as a nation.

Lastly, we need to be DEPENDENT on the Lord to reveal to us His wonderful plans and guidance for our lives. We cannot survive long without His supernatural power, energy, wisdom, peace, grace, strength, etc., and enjoy a good quality of life at all. It’s impossible!

One could argue about rich people surviving by themselves! Sure, there are rich people who seem to have it all, but we can’t see inside of them, their thoughts, fears, pain, grief, etc. There are many who had everything yet died by suicide. Everyone wants to live out the purpose and destiny they were born to fulfill. That’s why we dream of what we want to be and do with our lives. There are many ways to try and find that, but what I’ve found is that if I give myself to the One Who created me and trust Him daily, I’ll have it all. He already knows what is going to happen and He’s already made plans to keep it on course until the end. Why not skip all of the pain and anguish and go straight to the Source, Who will give us everything we need to know to have a wonderful life? Psalm 139.

I was talking to one of my Lyft riders, who was a high school senior at the time and was struggling with serious thoughts of suicide. I told her that the Lord has a book written in heaven about her life and His wonderful thoughts for each of us. I also told her that all we have to do is ask Him each morning what He has for us and let everything else fall away. It totally changed her life. I got to see her again three months later and she was bubbling over with joy and hope. I didn’t even recognize her. A five-minute conversation changed her life and it was simple. We can do that with others. Psalm 139.

I hope this helps you in your journey! I hope it brings you some peace! He’s got this and His hand is reaching out to each of us so that He can walk with us 24/7. It’s not always easy and sometimes downright impossible without Him, but it’s more than worth it. Here’s to you and success to you in your Life Race!

Joseph James

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