The Clown

I wrote a song, THE CLOWN, on December 24, 1993 about the wearing of masks. When I get back into the studio, it’s one of the songs I’m going to record. Have you ever walked into a park where a clown was performing? Depending on what the clown was doing, folks laughed or cried, nonetheless, there was usually a message to the act. After we walk away though, all we remember was the act, but had no clue as to who the clown really was.

Blue Ridge GA | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James

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America, Dream Again!

Waking up on this Memorial Day 2017, these are my thoughts. I remember a time when America dreamed and it caused the whole world to want to come here and begin a new life, a better life for their family. It was about freedom. It was about the chance to live the dream placed in their heart by the Lord. This year, in so many years, is the first time that I see people beginning to dream again. I see hope arising, but is it enough? AMERICA, DREAM AGAIN! Read more

GOTTA BE REAL | Joseph James

GOTTA BE REAL – Joseph and his wife, Janiece wrote this song together a month after they were married, 22 years ago. They’ve been walking the journey since. Religion kills the freedom found in the Lord. It’s not about the rules, but about the true freedom found in Him.

So be free in your walk with Him. Walk with the One who wrote the scriptures. There is nothing like knowing Him. True Freedom! Be Real! Love deeply!

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