HINDSIGHT 2020 | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

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Hindsight 2020 is a look back on 2020 and beyond to see what’s really there and what we need to change. It’s a place to reach out, to join our hands together across this land, restore our freedoms and take out the corruption that seeks to control us all. It’s time to rise and stand together for our freedom, our generation and those to come.

It’s a fun song with a catchy tune, but make no mistake, it’s to the point. It’s time to TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT!

HINDSIGHT 2020    © 02.07.2021   w/m Joseph James

G                                                        D
Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but this is twenty-one.
G                                                                     D
Didn’t know what they were doing, but now let’s have some fun.
C                                             D
Let’s go around town and shake some trees.
G                 /F#m     Em
We’ll let it all hang out…
C                                D                       C               D            G
Let’s join with our neighbors and take this garbage out.


C         G              C        G               C                D             G
Dirty Laundry! Dirty Laundry! Take This Garbage Out.

C                           D                                  G              /F#m Em
Now’s the time. We can see. Don’t insult our intelligence.
C                       D                                   G                     /F#m                 Em
Stand up tall. Time to come clean. Take off those blood-stained clothes.
C                       D
Pile them up, to the sky.
G                        /F#m         Em
Get ready for a bonfire tonight…

C                                  D                                        G     /F#m        Em
They told us things, that weren’t true. They lied to me and you.
C                                  D                                          G                 /F#m    Em
Then covered it up, with more lies. Have our loved ones died in vain?
C                                  D
So, now we’re here, hand in hand.
G                      /F#m         Em
We’ll stretch across this land…

C                                D                   G              /F#m       Em
We’re standing up unified. We want our freedoms back.
C                                        D                           G          /F#m Em
We want to dream and walk in love, for future generations.
C                             D
For all who gave everything,
G                  /F#m         Em
We’ll rise up now and stand…

© & ℗ 2021 Joseph James All rights reserved.



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