ARE YOU READY? …for Such A Time As This!

Joseph James Community On Locals

Join me and subscribe to my new platform channel on LOCALS, a new online social community bought by Rumble. I’ll be sharing more videos of things from my life, my walk, our tour, Janiece’s story, the music, the books, the upcoming movie project, the supernatural journey, faith, love, etc.  Joseph James Locals Community

You can connect for free, but if you subscribe for $5 per month, you’ll be able to comment/post, and can see a lot more including sneak peaks at the things we are going to be doing, contests, and other special things in the journey. The $5 will help us to be able to share more things in a timely manner in hopes to bless and encourage you in your journey as you pursue your dreams.

It takes so much of my time putting these things together, that it’ll be great to be able to hire others to do some of the background stuff so that I can focus on the music, books, and the tour/outreach.

Thank you always for your prayers, your support, and just being there. Below are other ways you can connect as well.

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