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Joseph James [Live} YouTube Playlist

JOSEPH JAMES (LIVE) Youtube Playlist

Just finished editing and adding the last two songs I recorded live at the Homewood Suites, Katy | Houston, Texas in February. All 17 are in a playlist at the link below. I have another list of 10 I recorded in our portable studio when we were in Atlanta, GA, and a list of 6 instrumental songs as well that I put together in Colorado Springs, CO.


ANGEL ON THE WAY [Live] | Joseph James

Angels are all around us as well as demons. They interact with our prayers and sometimes we get to see them. The power of prayer and the angels can change destinies helping us get through things miraculously. Never give up hope! Destiny!

LONELY ROAD [Live] | Joseph James

As I was writing this song, I was thinking about The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. There are many roads we can walk, but some seem especially lonely, until we discover something incredible along the way. There is a twist at the end of this song. I hope it blesses you in your journey. Destiny!

THERE YOU GO AGAIN [Live] | Joseph James

A romantic and joyful song with a little bit of adventure and love in the air. I wanted to write a lively and energetic love song and I hope you like it. Who is that someone special in your life?

LOVE SONG [Live] | Joseph James

I wrote LOVE SONG when I was going through a very difficult season in my life. It was one of my first on the piano as I was learning how to play it. I desperately needed the Lord’s manifest presence and love and He came through. No matter what, He is always near.

THE STRANGER [Live] | Joseph James

Who is the stranger? You might meet him where you least expect. At the end of the road, there is always a way through. At the end of love, there is a new love. Never, ever give up. Someone is watching and waiting.

IDENTITY [Live] | Joseph James

Identity – People searching for identity. I struggled with it for years until I found the answer for me. I hope this song blesses you.

THE OLD MAN [Live] | Joseph James

Have you ever met someone who you thought could see right through you to your core, to your soul. That is what this song is about. The old man, well, he’s a mystery. He’s gender-less on this planet as it could be anyone at anytime, but eternally, well, I’ve met Him. He can see right through whatever defenses we have. Let go! Be free!


Forgiveness in the First Degree | Do we know what we’ve really been forgiven of? It is that first-time revelation, when standing face to face with reality, that we begin to understand what Jesus did on the cross for us. It is that revelation that changes our lives forever. True freedom! Destiny!

SO BEAUTIFUL [Live] | Joseph James

Romance is in the air. Remembering the wedding day, that sparkle in your eyes. Sharing my heart with you for the rest of our lives. Love grows and the journey makes it stronger, day by day.

GOTTA BE REAL [Live] | Joseph James

Janiece and Joseph wrote this song together one month after their wedding. GOTTA BE REAL – Having experienced the Lord, they couldn’t play the games of religion. This song is about their life and about reality. Be Real!

FREE [Live] | Joseph James

Joseph wrote this song while he was going through a lot of struggles. He just wanted to be free. Sometimes we find that we are the one who is holding us back. How can we get free? How can we ever get to the place where we can be ourselves and be okay with it? Free!

SMOKING OF THE GUN [Live] | Joseph James

Do you know of someone who is deep in depression and suicidal? Joseph and his wife minister to those going through dark times, because they’ve both been there and made it through. If you read Janiece’s bio,, you will see that she’s gone through multiple attempts in her past.

LOVE OF HIS LIFE [Live] | Joseph James

Joseph James wrote this song with a dual meaning. See if you can guess the two stories woven into one. At some point he’ll reveal both on this channel, Google+, and on his facebook fan page. Love is a funny thing sometimes. If we only look on the surface, we might just miss the whole thing. We can gain a complete perspective from a very old text. If you’re really determined and adventurous, you can find the an reference point and see if you’re right.

DESTINY [Live] | Joseph James

What is our destiny? Where are we heading? What will we find when we get there? Does it even matter? Destiny! Purpose!


Love is a delicate and precious thing to find. Everyone searches for it, but few are they who find true love. Broken relationships and families can hold us back from experiencing all we can. So what are we to do? Where is this so-called thing called love? Everyone Wants To Be Loved!

HOUR OF MIDNIGHT [Live] | Joseph James

This is one of Joseph James’ earliest songs when he received a prophetic word from the Lord as he wrote this song. Parts of the song are taken from Ezekiel 34 and Isaiah 26. It is a clear warning from the Lord to those who are mistreating His people and building their own kingdoms with their own traditions and rules. He always provides a time for repentance and restoration before judgment comes. The Lord is setting His people free.

LOVE CALLS [Live]  |  Joseph James

Love Calls to us from afar. Can we hear its voice in the midst of all the other voices, confusion, lies, pain and strife? Can we hear the truth? There is a love that is true and yes, it is there for us to find.

I hope you enjoy the songs and that they bless and encourage you to follow your dreams. We are currently booking for the FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS Tour. If you’d like us to come to your community, please use the form on our contact page.

Joseph James