ARE YOU READY? …for Such A Time As This!

Joseph James Community On Locals

Join me and subscribe to my new platform channel on LOCALS, a new online social community bought by Rumble. I’ll be sharing more videos of things from my life, my walk, our tour, Janiece’s story, the music, the books, the upcoming movie project, the supernatural journey, faith, love, etc.  Joseph James Locals Community Read more

Receiving The Lord’s Rewards

So, I was awakened in the early hours of this morning on this last day of 2016 and decided to just talk to the Lord, since I was wide awake anyway. In reality, I think it was He, Who was wanting to talk to me. The time was 2:34 am. He reminded me of a scripture I had been wondering about for a while and then He started telling me about it. I had seen one side of the scripture before, but He was taking me deeper into it. RECEIVING THE LORD’S REWARDS! Read more