Sometimes storms come. It rains on the righteous and the evil. In some churches, when a bad thing happens to a person or family, the first question asked is, “What did they do wrong? Who sinned?” It’s a valid point because that does happen and the disciples even asked Jesus the same question about the man who was born blind. John 9:2, “…who sinned, this man or his parents?”

I heard a message yesterday about a passage of scripture that I knew but hadn’t seen in this particular viewpoint. John was thrown into prison awaiting execution and yet he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he did everything right. Jesus and his disciples were crossing the sea when a storm blew up. No one did anything wrong that we can tell. Jesus used the storm to show that He had authority even over the weather and He gave that same authority to us. We use it when we need to do so and have many times in our travels, especially.

One time, some years back, we were in North Dallas at a Best Buy. Dark, ominous clouds came over us as we were in the parking lot. We looked up to see a tornado above us. It was spinning in a large circle and coming down. His authority rose up in me and I pointed to it and commanded it to go back up and go away. It did! We walked into the store, got what we needed, and then left.

People perish for lack of knowledge. Even those who read the Bible over and over again suffer things unnecessarily because they don’t do what it says. Some think some things have passed away, so they walk through life not using the full armor that is available to them. It’s so sad, but don’t dare tell them anything or you might lose your head, so to speak. They’re not safe to be around.

Me, I want what all He has for us. We’ve been in numerous hail storms where we’ve prayed and it stops. Conversely, we’ve been in situations where nothing changed. The Lord reserves the right to override us when He has a certain purpose for it. Some storms are bad, but they are allowed in order to bring change. Some are demonically influenced and the severity can be tempered through the words of Jesus, “Peace Be Still!” It works because He gave us that same authority. Sometimes, the Lord in His goodness allows us to lose something in order to give us His best. Eagles start tearing apart the nest when it is time for the young eagles to fly. Ready or not, they’ll either fall or fly. Ready or not, we’ll either fall or fly. It’s the way of life. Some people will die in their comfort zone, like a frog in a slowly heated pot of water. They can’t see that danger is all around if they don’t change. Some people give up on life in their teens and their bodies slowly deteriorate over the years until they finally die physically, never having  really lived. I call this an “Existing or Living Suicide.” What we do with the storm aftermath is another choice to make. Go on or not. The storm forces the change and hopefully, we make a good choice in it so we can really live.

As I write, there is a storm outside heading our way. The eye of Hurricane Beryl is only about 40 miles away with 75 mph winds right now. The heavy rain is blowing against the windows.

This is a song I wrote after facing death in a medical storm regarding a seizure and aneurysm on March 8, 2024. There is more info in the music video about the journey.

As I was writing this post, the power went out and so I had to stop with the above section. That was Monday, July 8, 2024 and today is Saturday, July 13. Our power went out and I had no internet. The cell phone tower was down as well. I couldn’t do a Google Search, or get anything to load on the internet until our power came back on and evidently, the cell tower too. We were blind. The only people I could communicate with were my phone contacts and email, and I did. It was scary being in a dark hotel. Thankfully, the window in our room had a window we could open. It was hot! We had been in a physical storm, but now we were also in a mental storm with serious choices to make. Would we survive? What was going to happen in the aftermath and cleanup?
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Yesterday, as I was driving for Lyft here in The Woodlands and Conroe, I had the privilege of giving three college ladies a ride. I was taking them to a wedding which was a good distance away. We had some great conversations and laughs, and here is one convo I want to share with you. We were talking about Christianity and how it is perceived by others. We had a lot of fun even though some of the subjects were really deep and serious. One lives in Ft. Worth, one in Dallas, and the other in San Diego.

We were talking about touching hearts and how some Christians, (religious folks), tell people what they should be doing and sometimes they just plain judge them out loud causing even more pain to the individual. That’s just plain being the devil’s advocate and it can crush their spirit even more. That’s what he does to them all the time already. Are we going to add to the pain? They really need to know they are loved and need hope in that moment. Unless they ask for advice, it might be better to keep it inside until the opportunity arises, if and when it does. Perhaps we need a better relationship established before they let us in, if not, it could be like water running off of a duck’s back. It could also push them away from the One who created them and really loves them, giving them a false idea of Who He really is.

Do we remember where we were and how we were doing before giving our hearts to Jesus, Him filling us with His love, and changing us? Or, were we pushed at Jesus that same way in fear of judgment? I remember hearing a lot of hell, fire, and damnation and it took me a long time to get over the fear it instilled inside of me. I was afraid to come near Him for a long time and it took a lot to get past it. It is His kindness and love that leads us to Him and helps us to want to change our ways. It is His kindness that helps us know that He’s not going to smack us, but rather, that His loving arms are open towards us and His are the greatest hugs we’ll ever get no matter how far we’ve run from Him or what we’ve done. I wrote the song STILL from my own journey.

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There’s that SUPER DREADED word again, BROKEN! I hate it with a passion and I see so many others there and just want to heal them instantly. Just about the time we get things sewn together, someone else comes along and rips a greater hole, it seems. It’s like that graphic song that came out a while back, STITCHES, “…needle and thread, gonna get you out of my head.” We were so wonderfully and delicately created and put together by the Lord in our mother’s womb. Psalm 139. We were created to be loved! Whole! How do we get there? Is it even possible?

True Love cannot exist without True Freedom and that freedom starts in the Spirit. “Who the Lord sets free is free indeed!” John 8:36. He also heals all of our wounds in our spirit, soul, and body, if we allow it. Sometimes our own words and doubt erase or hinder what He can do. Been there, done that so many times! I’m still finding those broken pieces and trying to stitch them back together. There is scar tissue there and some callouses. Just need the oil of the anointing to be massaged into those areas, healing! Yes! Read more



What a mouthful. What does all of this mean? When is each one a good thing? Can we have them all at the same time? What do we need in order to be able to fulfill our God-given Life Dream?

Today, we celebrate Independence from England and the establishment of a new, and free country almost 250 years ago. But look at us now! Do we only see the bad that is going on? Do we see only the good? Can we see both and distinguish between them? One is trying to destroy us while the other is trying to help us become even better.

Our world and generation seem to be in much chaos, but I suggest that it is really in constant transition. Transition to what? If you believe in God and are a Christian, this can open up a can of worms, because many Christians are on opposite sides in their belief of what is currently happening and how it will progress. Clearly, sometimes we are our own worst enemies! Many read the Bible to help them find and discover the truth, but many don’t and just listen to those who claim to know the truth and get misled. There are many teachers in Christendom that teach opposing messages. Who is right? Who is wrong? Why does it matter? Read more



Welcome friends, fans, and guests. I’m starting something new today and we’ll see how it goes. I might have to course correct along the way, but that’s the fun in going on an adventure into the unknown. It’s been a long time since I have seriously written in a blog and I’ve done so much since. So, here goes! Welcome to the journey! I truly hope it blesses you.

I have so many things to share with you so that I might be able to encourage you today, give you some hope, perhaps some tips to make your life easier, and maybe some stories to help you in your journey. I’ve been through a lot of stuff, traveled quite a bit, and accomplished a lot of things. So, here goes! Are you ready?

I’ve been given a new lease on life and it’s changed everything. I had a seizure and a minor vehicle accident on March 8, 2024. It stress-fractured five of my vertebrae. The good thing about this was that it uncovered an eight mm cerebral aneurysm in my head between my left ear and eye. I was a walking time bomb with it just waiting to explode and kill me. I lost two months of my life in and out of the hospital, five visits, twelve days, and am almost fully recovered. It’s all repaired now and I am free to continue my Life Race! I’ll go into more depth in my following posts.

Where are you at in your journey of life? Are you running for your God-given Life Dream? Are you in the throes of despair and depression? Are you in a romance or recently broken up? Is your heart in pieces or mostly healed and restored? Do you have your own business or perhaps no work at all? Is life easy for you and you have fun things to share or is life so difficult, you feel so overwhelmed? Read more

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ONE FACE Lyric Video by Joseph James

ONE FACE Lyric Video by Joseph James | When folks think of Jesus, which face do they see and what does it look like? We are created in the Lord’s image, but who do people see? ONE FACE!

(Sunrise in Ormand-by-the-Sea, Florida Overlayed of Storm Clouds in Colorado Springs | Joseph James)

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FYD Concert | The Open Door Mission | Omaha NE | 05.25.18

The Open Door Mission | Omaha NE (Private Concert)

Joseph James’ will be performing at the Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska on May 25, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny. We performed at the mission October 2018 and it was great to encourage those who have lost everything and are homeless.  This event is a private performance.

Follow Your Dreams Tour - Joseph James - Open Door Mission - Omaha Nebraska - May 25, 2018

FYD Concert | SOZO Coffeehouse | Omaha NE | 05.24.18

SOZO Coffeehouse | Omaha NE

Joseph James’ will be performing at the SOZO Coffeehouse in Omaha, Nebraska on May 24, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny. We might have special guest performers from the community. Tickets are $5 online and at the door.

If you’re in the area or know of someone who is, please let pass this on.

Follow Your Dreams Tour - Joseph James - Sozo Coffeehouse - The Well Music - Omaha Nebraska - May 24, 2018

FYD Concert | Grace Center | Shawnee, OK | 05.18.18

Grace Center | Shawnee, OK

Joseph James’ will be performing at the Grace Center, 130 S. Oklahoma Ave, Shawnee, OK 74801 on May 18, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny.

If you’re in the area or know of someone who is, please let pass this on.

Follow Your Dreams Tour - Grace Center Shawnee Oklahoma - Joseph James - Daniel Hartmann (Dee Zee) - Concert

FYD Concert | The Living Room | Shawnee, OK | 05.17.18

The Living Room | Shawnee, OK

Joseph James’ will be performing at The Living Room (Shawnee Rescue Mission) 506 South Beard on May 17, 2018 from 7-9pm. His son, Daniel Hartmann [Dee Zee] will be doing several dance performances as well. The Follow Your Dreams Tour is an entertainment outreach to help encourage people and to rekindle hope in their hearts with a focus on helping them dream again and go for their destiny.

If you’re in the area or know of someone who is, please let pass this on to them.

Follow Your Dreams Concert - Joseph James and Daniel Hartmann - The Living Room Shawnee, OK

On Woman To Woman Radio

Joseph and his wife will be on the radio February 24, 2018 sharing about her journey of miracles before they met and after they were married.

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Janiece Turner-Hartmann and Joseph James | Radio Show Woman To Woman with show host Kathy Thomas

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