Sometimes storms come. It rains on the righteous and the evil. In some churches, when a bad thing happens to a person or family, the first question asked is, “What did they do wrong? Who sinned?” It’s a valid point because that does happen and the disciples even asked Jesus the same question about the man who was born blind. John 9:2, “…who sinned, this man or his parents?”

I heard a message yesterday about a passage of scripture that I knew but hadn’t seen in this particular viewpoint. John was thrown into prison awaiting execution and yet he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he did everything right. Jesus and his disciples were crossing the sea when a storm blew up. No one did anything wrong that we can tell. Jesus used the storm to show that He had authority even over the weather and He gave that same authority to us. We use it when we need to do so and have many times in our travels, especially.

One time, some years back, we were in North Dallas at a Best Buy. Dark, ominous clouds came over us as we were in the parking lot. We looked up to see a tornado above us. It was spinning in a large circle and coming down. His authority rose up in me and I pointed to it and commanded it to go back up and go away. It did! We walked into the store, got what we needed, and then left.

People perish for lack of knowledge. Even those who read the Bible over and over again suffer things unnecessarily because they don’t do what it says. Some think some things have passed away, so they walk through life not using the full armor that is available to them. It’s so sad, but don’t dare tell them anything or you might lose your head, so to speak. They’re not safe to be around.

Me, I want what all He has for us. We’ve been in numerous hail storms where we’ve prayed and it stops. Conversely, we’ve been in situations where nothing changed. The Lord reserves the right to override us when He has a certain purpose for it. Some storms are bad, but they are allowed in order to bring change. Some are demonically influenced and the severity can be tempered through the words of Jesus, “Peace Be Still!” It works because He gave us that same authority. Sometimes, the Lord in His goodness allows us to lose something in order to give us His best. Eagles start tearing apart the nest when it is time for the young eagles to fly. Ready or not, they’ll either fall or fly. Ready or not, we’ll either fall or fly. It’s the way of life. Some people will die in their comfort zone, like a frog in a slowly heated pot of water. They can’t see that danger is all around if they don’t change. Some people give up on life in their teens and their bodies slowly deteriorate over the years until they finally die physically, never having  really lived. I call this an “Existing or Living Suicide.” What we do with the storm aftermath is another choice to make. Go on or not. The storm forces the change and hopefully, we make a good choice in it so we can really live.

As I write, there is a storm outside heading our way. The eye of Hurricane Beryl is only about 40 miles away with 75 mph winds right now. The heavy rain is blowing against the windows.

This is a song I wrote after facing death in a medical storm regarding a seizure and aneurysm on March 8, 2024. There is more info in the music video about the journey.

As I was writing this post, the power went out and so I had to stop with the above section. That was Monday, July 8, 2024 and today is Saturday, July 13. Our power went out and I had no internet. The cell phone tower was down as well. I couldn’t do a Google Search, or get anything to load on the internet until our power came back on. We were blind. The only people I could communicate with were my phone contacts and I did. It was scary being in a dark hotel. Thankfully, the window in our room had a window we could open. It was hot! We had been in a physical storm, but now we were also in a mental storm with serious choices to make. Would we survive? What was going to happen in the aftermath and cleanup?

We were safe in the storm, and the eye came right over us. I had never been in a hurricane before and the winds were 75 mph. I couldn’t imagine this storm at 165 mph when it hit the islands in the Caribbean just a few days earlier. We could’ve evacuated but we didn’t have anywhere to go, nor the funds to do so. I had just gone through two months in and out of the hospital with a seizure, 3 fractured vertebrae, and surgery for an 8 mm cerebral aneurysm between my left eye and ear. It depleted us financially. We had just spent a lot of money on Friday, July 5th to have our GMC Yukon repaired so we’d have something to drive in case we needed it.

We declared, “Peace be still to the storm. No tornadoes, destructive hail, nor flooding, in Jesus’ Name!” We didn’t get any of it on the property we were on. I have a video I posted on FB, just some wind and a lot of rain. It makes a difference! We declared it over the whole area, but places still received destructive winds, tornadoes, and flooding. We did what we knew to do and prayed for everyone. The results weren’t up to us.

So, what are we going to do with the storms we are facing and will face? It’s a good thing to decide now and be prepared, as much as possible, for the next one. We are never alone in the storm. The Lord is always there with us, but do we reach out to Him? Do we join hands with Him and walk with Him through it, in His peace? Choices!

His Blessings and Favor to you,

Joseph James

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What a mouthful. What does all of this mean? When is each one a good thing? Can we have them all at the same time? What do we need in order to be able to fulfill our God-given Life Dream?

Today, we celebrate Independence from England and the establishment of a new, and free country almost 250 years ago. But look at us now! Do we only see the bad that is going on? Do we see only the good? Can we see both and distinguish between them? One is trying to destroy us while the other is trying to help us become even better.

Our world and generation seem to be in much chaos, but I suggest that it is really in constant transition. Transition to what? If you believe in God and are a Christian, this can open up a can of worms, because many Christians are on opposite sides in their belief of what is currently happening and how it will progress. Clearly, sometimes we are our own worst enemies! Many read the Bible to help them find and discover the truth, but many don’t and just listen to those who claim to know the truth and get misled. There are many teachers in Christendom that teach opposing messages. Who is right? Who is wrong? Why does it matter? Read more


Over the last 5.5 years, we have traveled the USA, Canada and Alaska, going where the Lord told us to go with my business paying our way, with the exception of a small amount of donations. We’ve experienced many miracles in the journey and lots of divine appointments when we arrived at our destinations. We mainly stayed in Hilton brand hotels over the last four years, giving us Diamond Status for those four years. We’ve seen a lot and experienced a great deal more. It’s one thing to turn on the news to see what’s going on, it’s another to be there in some of it. Believe me, the actual sometimes has little to do with what’s reported. Even in the churches, there’s a lot being said about those on the outside that’s simply not true in many cases. If we are ever to make any kind of long-lasting difference in our generation, we’re going to have to refocus. ON COMMON GROUND…

Homer Alaska | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James | On Common Ground

(Land’s End | Homer, Alaska 06.2017 | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James) Read more

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Just finished editing and adding the last two songs I recorded live at the Homewood Suites, Katy | Houston, Texas in February. All 17 are in a playlist at the link below. I have another list of 10 I recorded in our portable studio when we were in Atlanta, GA, and a list of 6 instrumental songs as well that I put together in Colorado Springs, CO.


ANGEL ON THE WAY [Live] | Joseph James

Angels are all around us as well as demons. They interact with our prayers and sometimes we get to see them. The power of prayer and the angels can change destinies helping us get through things miraculously. Never give up hope! Destiny!

LONELY ROAD [Live] | Joseph James

As I was writing this song, I was thinking about The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. There are many roads we can walk, but some seem especially lonely, until we discover something incredible along the way. There is a twist at the end of this song. I hope it blesses you in your journey. Destiny!

THERE YOU GO AGAIN [Live] | Joseph James

A romantic and joyful song with a little bit of adventure and love in the air. I wanted to write a lively and energetic love song and I hope you like it. Who is that someone special in your life?

LOVE SONG [Live] | Joseph James

I wrote LOVE SONG when I was going through a very difficult season in my life. It was one of my first on the piano as I was learning how to play it. I desperately needed the Lord’s manifest presence and love and He came through. No matter what, He is always near.

THE STRANGER [Live] | Joseph James

Who is the stranger? You might meet him where you least expect. At the end of the road, there is always a way through. At the end of love, there is a new love. Never, ever give up. Someone is watching and waiting.

IDENTITY [Live] | Joseph James

Identity – People searching for identity. I struggled with it for years until I found the answer for me. I hope this song blesses you.

THE OLD MAN [Live] | Joseph James

Have you ever met someone who you thought could see right through you to your core, to your soul. That is what this song is about. The old man, well, he’s a mystery. He’s gender-less on this planet as it could be anyone at anytime, but eternally, well, I’ve met Him. He can see right through whatever defenses we have. Let go! Be free!


Forgiveness in the First Degree | Do we know what we’ve really been forgiven of? It is that first-time revelation, when standing face to face with reality, that we begin to understand what Jesus did on the cross for us. It is that revelation that changes our lives forever. True freedom! Destiny!

SO BEAUTIFUL [Live] | Joseph James

Romance is in the air. Remembering the wedding day, that sparkle in your eyes. Sharing my heart with you for the rest of our lives. Love grows and the journey makes it stronger, day by day.

GOTTA BE REAL [Live] | Joseph James

Janiece and Joseph wrote this song together one month after their wedding. GOTTA BE REAL – Having experienced the Lord, they couldn’t play the games of religion. This song is about their life and about reality. Be Real!

FREE [Live] | Joseph James

Joseph wrote this song while he was going through a lot of struggles. He just wanted to be free. Sometimes we find that we are the one who is holding us back. How can we get free? How can we ever get to the place where we can be ourselves and be okay with it? Free!

SMOKING OF THE GUN [Live] | Joseph James

Do you know of someone who is deep in depression and suicidal? Joseph and his wife minister to those going through dark times, because they’ve both been there and made it through. If you read Janiece’s bio,, you will see that she’s gone through multiple attempts in her past.

LOVE OF HIS LIFE [Live] | Joseph James

Joseph James wrote this song with a dual meaning. See if you can guess the two stories woven into one. At some point he’ll reveal both on this channel, Google+, and on his facebook fan page. Love is a funny thing sometimes. If we only look on the surface, we might just miss the whole thing. We can gain a complete perspective from a very old text. If you’re really determined and adventurous, you can find the an reference point and see if you’re right.

DESTINY [Live] | Joseph James

What is our destiny? Where are we heading? What will we find when we get there? Does it even matter? Destiny! Purpose!


Love is a delicate and precious thing to find. Everyone searches for it, but few are they who find true love. Broken relationships and families can hold us back from experiencing all we can. So what are we to do? Where is this so-called thing called love? Everyone Wants To Be Loved!

HOUR OF MIDNIGHT [Live] | Joseph James

This is one of Joseph James’ earliest songs when he received a prophetic word from the Lord as he wrote this song. Parts of the song are taken from Ezekiel 34 and Isaiah 26. It is a clear warning from the Lord to those who are mistreating His people and building their own kingdoms with their own traditions and rules. He always provides a time for repentance and restoration before judgment comes. The Lord is setting His people free.

LOVE CALLS [Live]  |  Joseph James

Love Calls to us from afar. Can we hear its voice in the midst of all the other voices, confusion, lies, pain and strife? Can we hear the truth? There is a love that is true and yes, it is there for us to find.

I hope you enjoy the songs and that they bless and encourage you to follow your dreams. We are currently booking for the FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS Tour. If you’d like us to come to your community, please use the form on our contact page.

Joseph James