Over the last 5.5 years, we have traveled the USA, Canada and Alaska, going where the Lord told us to go with my business paying our way, with the exception of a small amount of donations. We’ve experienced many miracles in the journey and lots of divine appointments when we arrived at our destinations. We mainly stayed in Hilton brand hotels over the last four years, giving us Diamond Status for those four years. We’ve seen a lot and experienced a great deal more. It’s one thing to turn on the news to see what’s going on, it’s another to be there in some of it. Believe me, the actual sometimes has little to do with what’s reported. Even in the churches, there’s a lot being said about those on the outside that’s simply not true in many cases. If we are ever to make any kind of long-lasting difference in our generation, we’re going to have to refocus. ON COMMON GROUND…

Homer Alaska | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James | On Common Ground

(Land’s End | Homer, Alaska 06.2017 | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James)

Many times the Lord speaks to me in the night as I’m asleep or when He awakens me. This morning was no exception as I awakened to the words, COMMON GROUND. I started asking Him about it and He took me back through our travels and my earlier life and experiences. In our travels and tour, our outreaches and concerts, we are there to help those He sends to us. Numerous times, we’ve sat in the social area of hotels and had strangers walk up to our table, ask to sit down, and start telling us their stories. We were able to minister to them and some became our friends on Facebook where we could stay in touch for encouragement and prayer.

One of our dilemmas, we have friends and family in different churches and fellowships and we have friends and family who don’t go to church. This is all great and good, but many don’t get along. On our tour, I’ve gone into many churches asking them to send some of their people to the concerts to be there in case anyone needed help in their community. We have yet to get one single person to show up. Now granted, we are strangers to these churches and many don’t answer emails, but I’ve also gone in person. You see, we do these shows and speaking and then we leave to the next venue, but we don’t want to leave folks without help. Well, we connect on Facebook or via telephone.

Well, we’ve seen a pattern here, so this morning the Lord was showing me something. He told me the last 5.5 years was about Him taking us around and showing us the state of His Kingdom. My wife and I thought it would be great if we could ever be secret agents and this last week I had a meeting with a pastor who called us that and he didn’t know. Just like Ezekiel, the Lord sent us out to experience first-hand what it’s like for folks on the outside of the four walls. We’ve experienced the inside, so now we’re faced with this dilemma, how do we continue to do what the Lord wants, and yet bring some unity. ON COMMON GROUND!

This is where this morning’s conversation comes in. I have never wanted to start a church/fellowship, even though we are both ordained ministers, and I still don’t, however, we need to create a safe place for believer’s to connect in each community. This is on common ground. What do I mean by common ground? It’s simply where we agree there are certain basics of Christianity that we can agree on as a base and then allow each other to disagree on some of the others for the sake of bringing peace to our communities and country. In Revelation 2 & 3, the Lord addressed the church in Ephesus as the church there and not churches. Each born again believer is the church and we are the church as a whole depending on the location specified. So, to the church in each region/community, the Lord commended them on things they were doing well, corrected them on what needed to change and then referenced to the overcomers and rewards. ON COMMON GROUND! The common ground was location.

I believe that our country and all that is going on in it is a direct reflection of the status of the Church in it. One of the most daunting things we’ve found when we get into a city is trying to find a church/fellowship to attend. Sometimes there are thousands in one city. Some have websites, some don’t, some contact info, some only voice recording and most aren’t around during the week to meet. Really? How many of these actually speak to one another, pray and fellowship together? How many talk about their neighbor down the street or across town in a derogatory way? Direct reflection! This isn’t only our view, it’s the view of most we’ve talked to as well. So, what do we need to do? I’m glad you asked.

I’ll be going more into this in subsequent posts and videos I am filming. We are establishing a hub in Florida soon and an entertainment circuit of venues around the country. Those who want to be a part of it in their community, please contact us. Entertainment draws folks in, especially those who need help. In these hubs are folks who can meet, connect and work together ON COMMON GROUND, for the good of their community. We ARE NOT taking folks away from their local churches/fellowships, rather we are expanding their significance and impact to their community in spite of themselves in some instances. The Church is the only entity that has the authority through Jesus Christ to deal with the forces of darkness and bring His peace over a region. We’ll get into more of that later, and we’ll be teaching some in the hubs and online as well.

We can change our generation and we will! It is said of David, that after he finished all the Lord had for him, he laid down and died. Paul talked about completing his work as well. Let’s complete our work here for His Kingdom, not man’s. Let’s bring Him the glory He deserves. The Holy Spirit is trying to join His body together! Can we hear His voice? Do we care? ON COMMON GROUND!

Blessings & favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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