Building A City

There was once a wealthy man who wanted to build a city for his workers to honor, care for, and to protect them. His workers had built many elegant and strategic projects for him, so he wanted to help them have a place of their own to rest and have fun without fearing the raiding parties of evil that lurked in the surrounding mountains. At various times of the year, the raiding parties would sweep down out of the mountains and do much damage to the area cities and harm the people. Building a city…

Building A City | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James

(Looking through the hole of the Siamese Twins Rocks at Pike’s Peak from Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO 03.02.14 | Joseph James | Follow Your Dreams Tour)

The wealthy man drew up the plans for the infrastructure that needed to be built. Before he could implement the plan on his own, he was called away to a land very far away, so he set up some leaders to implement and oversee the different parts of building projects according to their areas of expertise. He signed contracts with them for each of the projects they were assigned. Then he left in hopes of returning soon to see the new city.

The work started well and it wasn’t hardly anytime before the land base was prepared for the next step. A storm blew through and messed up some of the new land base as it had created ravines through some of it. One of the raiding parties, seeing what had happened, took advantage of the timing and stole some things in the night as well. When the leaders awakened the next morning, instead of coming together and reworking the base, they started blaming one another for the mess. From that point on, they separated into different factions, drawing other workers to themselves in order to finish their assigned individual work. To their dismay, however, none of them had the necessary supplies to finish their part of the project, as these supplies had been divided up incorrectly and some special supplies were being hoarded by a few. Instead of sharing the supplies like the plan had intended, they each substituted whatever materials they could find, most being substandard.

Being that the storm had eroded certain sections of the base, they redirected some of the roads to make them work, since some of them didn’t have the necessary equipment and base materials to do it right. Some of the new structures didn’t have a foundation at all and some were being built in flood zones that had been created by the storm washing soil to different areas. The workers were so stressed that they started quarrels and fighting each other. One would get a structure built and another group would take stones and knock out all of the windows. They would get in fights and hurt each other, which slowed the work as well.

The raiding parties began to come down more often as they found this new city an easy target to raid and to rape. The workers desperately tried to defend themselves individually and to cover up their shoddy work by keeping fresh paint on the surface, but it didn’t take much looking to see that none of the structures were solid.

The wealthy man eventually finished his work and returned expecting to see a beautiful city, as he had created these beautiful plans and had spared no expense on the building materials. As he walked through the city, the tears fell from his eyes. He didn’t recognize his workers anymore. The fine craftsman, who had built many wonderful things for him, were barely living their lives at all. Many were drunk most of the time and consumed by trying to protect their home against the others. There was no trust and respect among them at all. Their families were all broken and destitute.

Realizing that the crew, that he had honored so much before, was now totally worthless to him, he fired them all and had them escorted out of the city. He then went out and hired new crews. He had them level the city and start all over. This time he was among them. Building A City.

As we’ve traveled around the country, Canada and Alaska, this is what we’ve seen with some of the Church in general. Revelation 2 & 3 provides in-depth insight into what we’re supposed to be doing in each region. In many communities, violence and criminal behavior rules and reigns instead of peace and righteousness. Leaders that were put in place to subdue the demonic have turned a blind eye to it and instead, blame their neighbors for the problems. In this, there isn’t much protection and families are being torn apart. Many churches are closing or so under budget that they can’t even function as they once did. Many leaders will not talk to one another, instead they tear each other down and are in competition with one another over the Lord’s people, trying to get them to join them.

These lampstands are in danger of being removed, some have already lost the oil and their lights have gone out. Their deeds are being exposed simply by the results of their own actions. The Lord has and is raising up a new group of leaders though, who have heard His cry. They are going through some serious testing and even being called heretics by the old establishment. They are fearless in their resolve and are going forth anyway. They are not afraid to work together as a team to establish His Kingdom on this earth. As in the letters to the 7 churches, there is a message of encouragement for what is being done correctly, but a strong rebuke for what needs to change.

The Lord is building and is going to finish His great work. Our choice is whether we are going to be a part of it, or will we do our own thing and blame others for our failures. The light of this fire that is now burning is only going to get greater as it continues to expose the works of darkness. It’s time to hear what the Spirit is saying. This Day, can you hear His Voice? Building A City…

The ISLANDS IN THE SEA: 4 Books Saga the Lord had me write over the last 9 years takes the reader on a fictitious journey, full of mystery, romance, and the supernatural to build His city. If we are to be a part of establishing His Kingdom, we must build His way and connect with those He is joining us with. Each book was dictated to me from cover to cover. I didn’t plan the book outlines at all. I was eager to see what was going to happen as I wrote each paragraph. I hope they are a blessing to you as they are to me. The last book, 238 pages, I wrote in 11 days. It was beyond my ability but I enjoyed the adventure. Building A City…

Blessings & favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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