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The USA Dreamers Ink Project was birthed out of Joseph’s discussions with many people in their tour traveling across the USA and Alaska. So many folks feel all alone and isolated, yet we are able to communicate with each other in a greater way than ever before. Why is this? Why is the suicide rate so high and depression as well? So many have given up hope and especially on their dreams. How do we turn the tide? How do we get Americans to dream again in the Land of Dreams? Has America lost it’s way? Can we not restore the dream?

Focus On Community & Networking Together

USA DREAMERS INK TASK FORCE is a community outreach with the focus, Dare To Dream. Joseph is helping folks discover and focus on their dreams. Due to all of the depression and suicide in our country and such a high rate in El Paso County, #1 in the USA, he was speaking locally about how we can help others so they can make it through the temporary storms in life. He has relocated to Boerne, TX and will be holding meetings there and travel from there. He is an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and Author, with over 300 songs and 8 books, and has traveled the USA, Canada, and Alaska over the last 8+ years talking to people and holding concerts with his songs. He has published his wife’s biography of miracles, SENTENCED TO DEATH DESTINED FOR LIFE, written the screenplay and is in the process of turning the story into a movie. He’s recently been doing some driving for Lyft in Colorado Springs, CO and now in San Antonio, TX and has given rides to over 4500 riders. It has been these conversations with his riders that became the driving force to his writing his newest book DREAMERS INK with a study guide and the creation of the DREAMERS INK gift set.

Speaking & Music

In these meetings he is be sharing a few of his songs, some statistics and things he’s discovered in his life. He’ll also be sharing from his new book, DREAMERS INK. How can we help each local community? How do we find our passion? How does it match with our gifts and talents? What is our purpose? It’s time to dream again and crush hopelessness. How can we start our own groups locally to help our family, friends, and neighbors?

Our Dreams

An excerpt from the Dreamers Ink book, “Each one of us has a dream at some point in our life! How far do we want to go in finding it? How does it match up to our passion, our gifts, and our talents? Are we willing to do whatever it takes? Some pursue dreams that others have placed on them by well meaning parents, peers, mentors, and others. Some feel they are too young or too old. Some believe their dreams are broken and beyond mending, but what if I told you that I don’t believe in broken dreams? What if there really are no broken dreams, but only delay, new relationships, and adjustments along the path? What if dreams are flexible and not rigid? What if they can bend and stretch? Get Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime,  Discovering and Fulfilling Your Dream!”

Generational Change

Find out how we can all work together to help our communities. Ask questions, Q & A session at the end of the meeting. Let’s see how we can connect. This is not just a local network, but is global. Let’s change our generation to one of hope and dreams again.

Book Joseph at a venue in your community.

Let’s join together and make our communities vibrant with life again.

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Order and download now to read and send a few copies to those you love and care about. Spend some time with them and help them discover their dreams and purpose. It’s time for us to help each other win our race. DARE TO DREAM!

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