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ISLANDS IN THE SEA | The Library | Joseph James

Islands In The Sea: The Library! Book V – Sample Chapter
Table Of Contents

Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xi
1. THE UNDERGROUND – – – – – 13
2. COSMIC TRAVELERS – – – – –  21
3. THE DOME – – – – – – – – – – – –   31
4. THE PORTAL – – – – – – – – – – – 45
5. STRATEGIC POINTS – – – – – – 53
6. THE LIBRARY – – – – – – – – – –  65
7. THE ORIGINATORS – – – – – – 75
8. TRIAD FROM HELL – – – – – – 87
9. COUNTER PUNCH – – – – – – – 99
10. RESET – – – – – – – – – – – – – –   111
11. A NEW PLAN – – – – – – – – – – 123
12. DOUBLE AGENT – – – – – – – 135
13. ACE IN THE HOLE – – – – –  149
14. OPERATION EXPOSÉ – – –  167
15. GLOBAL FORCE – – – – – – –  175
16. A RAGING WAR – – – – – – –  185
17. THE FLOOD – – – – – – – – – –  195
18. GLIMPSES OF EDEN – – –   209
19. THE WHITE HOUSE – – – – 223
20. WORLD PEACE – – – – – – –  233
Author’s Comments – – – – – – –  239
About The Author – – – – – – – –   241


Islands In The Sea: The Library! – Book V
Sample Chapter
Chapter 1


The new city of Kingsview was really taking shape now as neighborhoods, business offices and retail areas were being completed. The main roads in the town had been completed as well, including most of the transportation tunnels underneath. The caves and tunnels to Culverton, the old city below, were still under construction and some of the original plans had to be changed because of safety concerns along some of the dangerous sections. The commute between the two cities was still taking longer than they would’ve liked, so they were looking at possibly constructing a gondola to take folks between the two.

Dan and Susan, and the rest of the six-pack, John, Nikki, Roger and Jessica, were finally settled in their new homes as well as their new office building in the new city. Life was finally starting to seem like normal again, well at least as normal as it could be after what they had all been through.

A friend of Roger and Jessica, Crystal Evans had recently moved back from an extended stay in South Africa. She had been on the mission field in several of the countries there while operating out of their headquarters in Johannesburg. They had invited her to the new city and she liked it so much, she rented one of the new townhomes. Crystal was average height and had long, wavy, dark hair and brown eyes. She, like Roger and Jessica, loved to explore caves and was really excited to get the opportunity to help them continue in the exploration of the Underground, as they had previously named it.

The Underground Explorers, as they had decided to call themselves, consisted of a loosely joined group of spelunkers. Crystal, and her two friends, Shari Contels and Grant Sidels. She had met them at a church fellowship on the east coast and they had recently moved to the city to join her. They decided to create a new team and do some exploring together. Jessica called them the Cosmic Universe Travelers, because of their explorations not only in physical caves, but their journeys into the supernatural realm in prayer and intercession.

Jessica had mapped out the complicated tunnel and cave system they had previously explored from Culverton to Kingsview while trying to save the city below from total destruction. She had given the new travelers their assignment to explore the caves from the dome area, where the cult sacrifices had been discovered previously, to map out the cave system to the west of the city. The city founders had purchased more land for the city as more people were relocating and wanting to be a part of this new community style living.

All four of them were together in the Underground’s Operations room in the new office building. The Underground team had created a new secure technical wing where they could monitor every area of the caves and coordinate new construction and exploration.

Scot Tidson and George Sindley had designed and built smaller cave exploration units, so it was easier now for the teams to look through cave walls to locate any cavities they might be able to explore. Even with all of this new equipment and security devices, exploration was still moving at a much slower pace than they had planned. The fractionated global cult and others they had help the FBI to uncover and prosecute, were still determined to stop them from their mission at all costs. Being that they were now a public community, it was becoming more difficult to monitor strangers stopping in at the travel center from the interstate highway nearby.

Jessica was sitting in front of her computer and had the map system up on the huge wall monitor so they could see it easier. She pointed over to the dome room with her laser pointer. “Alright guys, here is the round room we found where the cult was doing all of their sacrifices. Behind this room is where we found all of the skulls and bones. Now, we know that this cave here runs all the way back down to the river, via some trails that come out to the surface. We think this section behind the dome has some more secrets we haven’t yet found.”

Crystal was looking over the area Jessica was pointing at. The map had several transparent layers that also showed an image of the actual surface terrain they had taken from a drone. “That is an interesting looking area right there.” She walked over to the wall and pointed at it. “It looks like there might be another large area down below. I’m really sensing that the Lord is showing me this area for a reason. It’s like He did when we were praying for places to hide during some of the raids that were going on in certain areas where we were in Africa.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Grant. Grant was just over six feet tall, with a slender and muscular build. He did a lot of working out to keep himself strong and in shape. “I think you’re on to something. I could sense something change in the atmosphere when you pointed to that. It doesn’t seem like anything unusual to me, though.”

“I agree,” said Shari. Shari was tall, slender, and muscular. She kept in shape with all the hiking she did. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. “There is something there of great significance.”

“Well, then,” said Jessica excitedly, “I guess I picked the right team for the search. I wish I could go with you. Roger and I had so much fun exploring all of the other caves under the city and then finding all of that gold.”

“That must have been incredible to have been a part of that,” said Grant. “Oh, to have been a part of the team then and the race against time to save the city.”
“It was, but the danger was very real,” Jessica reminded them. “We have enemies all around, but it was the Lord’s constant protection, words of knowledge and His angels that kept us all safe. You need to remember this and listen to me intently. I want you to stay in constant communication with me personally, or Roger, when you are in the caves.”

Crystal agreed, “We will. It’s nice to have this communication system.”

Jessica continued with a smile, “Yeah! It’s definitely a huge upgrade to what we had. We have satellite receivers set up throughout the cave system in addition to using the latest technology. Our new network of global contacts keep us up-to-date with the latest inventions they are doing.”

“I am so impressed,” said Shari. She was in total awe of the stories they’d been told. “I’ve seen many things in the spirit realm, but what you all have experienced is totally amazing.”

“Somehow, I have a feeling that is only the beginning of the discoveries,” Crystal added excitedly. “The Lord said we would do even greater things than He did and we haven’t even done the things that He did yet. At least not to that degree.”

“Yeah! Who wants to walk on water?” asked Grant with a smile on his face.

“Ha ha!” Shari replied, “I want to travel like Philip did in the spirit as he ministered to that eunuch. There’s so much the Lord wants to show us yet, and I have a strange feeling these caves have some serious secrets to show us. I’m ready.”

“Since you guys are really wanting to know more about our previous adventures, how about we get together later at the new El Serena Café here with the Six-Pack?” asked Jessica. She could hardly wait to see their response as she finished the question.

“Are you serious or joking?” asked Crystal.

“I’m serious,” Jessica replied as she saw the immediate excitement in their faces. “I’ve already discussed it earlier with Roger and he made the arrangements. Dan and Susan are looking forward to it as well. I’ve let them in on what you are wanting to do and it’d be great for you to share your experiences with all of us as well. So, what do you say?”

“I’m all in,” said Grant.

“Me, too!” exclaimed Shari.

“You know I’m in,” said Crystal. “It’s not everyday we get to spend time with the guy where this all started. Just to think, this whole thing began with a dream one night.”

“Yes, it did and his obedience to not give up,” Jessica shared. “There are many who would have. It has been an honor to be a part of this team.”

“Alright then, that’s all set,” said Jessica. “We’ll see you all there at seven this evening. Let me have your hand-held trackers so that I can input the coordinates of that area you pointed to into the devices. This should help you stay on course easier. Those tunnels seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to all of the twists and turns.”

Later on that evening they were all sitting out behind the La Serena Café by the water fall and stream, one of Dan’s favorite places to relax. They had already eaten inside and walked out back to enjoy some wine and relax, and of course, tell a few stories.

After they got situated in their chairs in a semi-circle, Dan started sharing his story. He told them of that first dream and how he met Alex, his angel. Then Susan joined in when she was drawn into the journey at the office. John and Nikki added their parts and Roger and Jessica finished with theirs.

“That’s incredible,” Shari said in total awe. “What an amazing adventure! It’s like the things we read or the movies we see, but to actually experience that. You have traveled all over the world in such a short time and to get married in Switzerland, that’s like a dream come true.”

“It actually was my dream,” Susan replied with a smile. I’d always wanted a very special wedding and it was much more than I had imagined. The mountains were the backdrop and the lake was right there. The snow was the icing in the portrait.”

“Yeah, and the snowball fight too!” said Dan with a laugh.

“Can’t forget the snowball fight,” said John as he looked at his wife, Nikki and winked at her.

Nikki added, “I really loved the presence of all of the angels all around us. We were totally surrounded by heaven itself. It was so surreal.”
“Yes, we were,” said Susan, remembering it all like it was yesterday.

Suddenly, a group of angels manifested around them. The newcomers were amazed as more and more angels appeared. The Six-Pack immediately knew something was up, so they paused to listen.

Then, Alex suddenly appeared next to Dan. They knew another mission was about to begin.

Crystal, Shari, and Grant looked around in amazement, wondering what was going to happen next. They had all heard the story, but now they were in one. They were glad to be with this team. What was going to happen next?

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