IITS BK 1 Chapter 1

Islands In The Sea: The King Walks In! Book I – Sample Chapter
Table Of Contents

Acknowledgments – – – ix
Introduction – – – xi
1 A Nightmarish Night – – – 13
2 The Mysterious Adventure Continues – – – 21
3 A Day Of Questioning – – – 31
4 Terror In The Night – – – 39
5 Not Everyone Listens – – – 51
6 The Next Horizon – – – 61
7 Climbing Higher – – – 75
8 Many Are The Plans Of A Man – – – 81
9 The Confrontation – – – 91
10 The Vision Unfolds – – – 99
11 A New Garden – – – 113
12 Attack In The Night – – – 121
13 A New Direction – – – 127
14 The Net Starts To Form – – – 137
15 Business Incredible – – – 147
Author’s Comments – – – 155
About The Author – – – 157
Special For You! – – – 159

Islands In The Sea: The King Walks In! – Book 1
Sample Chapter
Chapter 1

A Nightmarish Night

Dan awoke with a jolt, his body was wringing with sweat. ‘Was it real?’ he thought. ‘No, it must have been a dream! I have to get some sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning all night. It is already 4:15 and I have to get up at six o’clock.’

Moments later his alarm sounded and he turned over and shut it off. ‘Wow! What a night! I am so glad it was just a dream, but it seemed so real. Now I must get on with reality.’ He tried all morning to get the dream out of his mind, but the dream kept haunting him. ‘What did it mean? What was all that water and where was I?’ The dream was so far fetched that he couldn’t have believed in it at all except that it felt so real, like he was really there. He had to tell someone. He had to share it before it overcame him. ‘I know, I’ll tell John. He’ll tell me what I need to do.’ John was always deciphering dreams for people. He seemed to have a God-given gift to understand the symbols and how they played out. The only problem was that today was only Tuesday and he would not see his brother until the weekend, but by then it might be too late.

His business demanded so much concentration and he just couldn’t seem to focus. It just didn’t seem as important as understanding this dream. ‘What could it mean?’

“Dan!” called Susan.

Shaking himself out of a stupor, Dan replied, “Yeah!”

“What are you doing?” asked Susan.

“What do you mean?” asked Dan.

“You have been staring into space for the last twenty minutes. Has something happened? Do you need to talk?” asked Susan.

“No, it’s just a crazy dream I had last night. I’ll be all right.” said Dan, not wanting to share the details of the dream. He didn’t understand it himself so how could Susan help? She was always so quiet and kept to herself, yet she seemed really sensitive and attentive to her surroundings.

“Are you sure? I can listen. I’m pretty good at that.” said Susan, hoping to find out a little more about Dan. She really admired him and the way he kept himself. He was really a quiet and soft spoken person, yet he had a way of gaining respect from everyone around him. I guess you could say that he had a sense of destiny and one could see that he was going somewhere and that somewhere was going to be a good place to be. She definitely hoped that she would end up there also. He was also very good looking. He was just over six feet tall, had dark brown hair, blue eyes and a medium frame. She really wanted to get to know him better. How could she convince him to share his dream with her without being too forward?

Was this really the right thing to do? Could he really trust Susan? She was really energetic all of the time. She was about five feet eight with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her body was toned and firm. Everything about her portrayed a picture of dedication to whatever she set her mind to do. It was a long time until Saturday and he could really use a friend right now. “Are you free for lunch?” asked Dan hesitantly.

“Yes! I am! That would be wonderful!” exclaimed Susan. Hopefully it didn’t look like she was too eager. “It would be good to get my mind thinking about something else right now. All I’m seeing are questions in this layout and I don’t have the answers yet.”

“How would you like to go to Sally’s Diner?” asked Dan. “They have a really good lunch menu. You can walk with me if you like.”

“I would be glad to go with you. Let me get my sweater, sometimes it gets a little cool in restaurants,” said Susan.

“Yeah! I know what you mean,” Dan replied as he reached for his jacket, too.

As Dan and Susan walked the two blocks to Sally’s Diner, they talked about how their paths had crossed. They found that they had a lot more in common than they thought.

After they had been seated and ordered their lunch, Susan asked Dan about the dream. “So what kind of dream did you have that is spacing you out so much? It must have been one of those dreams where you feel like you are actually in the dream.”

“It is definitely one that had me tossing and turning in my sleep. I am still sleepy,” said Dan with a yawn. “It all started out in the dark of night with a full moon out. I was taken up to the top of this dark, ominous, rocky mountain top. From there I was able to see a vast ocean with islands dotted here and there in the reflection of the silvery moonlight. They all appeared to be made of rock and were sticking up above the water.”

“The next thing I saw was a huge rocky mass over to the left side of the sea. It was enormous and consisted of many smaller rocks pieced together. As I continued to watch, the huge mass began to rumble and vibrate. As it did, the rocks on the edge began to fall off into the sea. As I was pondering over the whole situation, I saw a huge swirling storm over the rocky mass. It looked like a giant hurricane except that it was over the land. Both of these things together were causing great destruction,” said Dan.

“What was so bad about that?” asked Susan.

“Well, nothing at first, but then I noticed that all of the rocks appeared to be alive and breathing,” added Dan. “The rocks on the edge were trying to stay on top of the mass, but they kept getting pushed off by those next to them. I felt an emotion of tremendous anguish and pain as each rock hit the water. It was as if there was great sorrow in my heart every time one of them fell.”

“But weren’t they just rocks?” asked Susan with a grimace.

“It seemed that way, but the anguish I felt was real. It was overwhelming and I couldn’t get away from that feeling. Even now, it seems like I have just awakened from it,” replied Dan. The anguish and pain he was feeling was very evident on his face.

Susan was very concerned. “What do you make of it? What do you think this represents?”

“I don’t know,” said Dan. “My brother is the dream decipherer. Well, I guess that is a word. Oh well, it will have to do. I figure I will ask him about it on Saturday, if I can last that long.”

“What are you going to do until then?” asked Susan.

“I really don’t know. It is hard for me to concentrate on anything else. I may have to take off of work until I can get a grip on this situation. I really don’t know,” repeated Dan. “This hasn’t happened to me before.”

“Well, I will help you as much as I can on the project, but the deadline is coming up in two weeks. Hopefully, we can find the answer before then,” said Susan.

“Are you sure about that? I’m not sure how I am going to get through this or how long it will take. I can’t ask you to do that,” exclaimed Dan.

“You’re not asking me and I am not taking no for an answer,” replied Susan rather enthusiastically. She hoped she wasn’t too outspoken, but she knew he needed her help right now. “I guess we better get back to the office. Why don’t you grab your things and take off for the rest of the day? I will get Jesse to look at the project and see if it is something we can let him handle for now.”

“Okay.” agreed Dan. He really wasn’t feeling like putting up any additional resistance at this point. He was really tired and a good nap might be just the thing he needed.

“Do you mind if I give you a call later to check up on you?” asked Susan, hoping that he would let her. She was really feeling close to Dan. She had some bad relationships in the past with other guys and had been hesitant to reach out to anyone else, but somehow Dan was different. He was not like any of the crowd she was familiar with hanging around. She liked helping others and she was determined to at least give this her best effort.

“Sure, that would be great. I think I might like to talk to someone later this evening. Maybe we can meet for an evening snack. I know this wonderful little cafe that is kind of secluded and quiet. They have a patio out back with a waterfall and flowing stream. It’s a wonderful place to sit back and relax. The sky is brilliant at night with the moonlight and stars,” replied Dan. He really didn’t want to be alone at all right now. He welcomed having company for a change. He’d gotten too familiar with being alone.

“Now, that sounds great. It has been a long time since I have taken any time to just relax. You have got yourself a date,” exclaimed Susan. “I will call you later.”

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