Eliminating Fear

Fear is the destroyer of dreams and everything good and eliminating fear is of utmost priority. Out of it comes all kinds of evil, greed, murder, envy, jealousy, hate, etc. These are all born out of fear. True Love conquers all fear, but how do you get it? How can one overcome the fear in their life to live the dreams they were destined for? It’s a journey…

Colorado Springs | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James | Eliminating Fear

(Colorado Springs, 03.15.13 | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James)

I’m going to keep this post as short as possible, but point you in the direction of an wonderful adventure just waiting for you. You’ll have to take the initiative if you really want to discover it. It will be well worth your time and effort though.

When I was growing up, I was inundated with fear in certain areas of my life. How I was able to accomplish some of the things I did, was quite amazing. But, over the years, I found a journey where I was able to eliminate these fears and walk in peace, boldness and love. You can too, but it’s a personal walk.

You see, the Lord is a real person and you can meet Him if you like. He is Love and Perfect Love casts out all fear. So, in a nutshell, when you find Love, fear has no choice but to leave your house, well, at least in that particular room. Eliminating fear is a process and sometimes it’s room by room. Interested yet?

In the natural, if we know we are loved by someone, we are able to trust them in certain areas. There is no fear in that part of the relationship. You see, the areas/rooms in our heart, where we know the Lord loves us, is with us, and protects us, there is no fear. Where there is fear in our heart, we can simply invite Him in to stay and drive out the fear. When we know that there is nothing we can do that will separate us from His Love, we truly have the victory and can rest in that love, knowing that no matter what happens circumstantially, He’s got this.

The deeper we walk with Him, the more secrets we share with Him, the more He will share with us. Thus, we start becoming really good friends. If we continue the journey, we can get to the place of covenant/marriage. We take on His name, His signet ring and rule and reign with Him over the things that would try to harm us. There is a lot to this part, but it’s a journey of Love and Discovery. The scriptures are in the Bible that support this. Start reading and begin to understand the wonderful life He has for you.

We’ve had to conquer many fears on our Follow Your Dreams Tour. Many times the Lord would tell us where to go next, but we didn’t have the money, yet He always provided along the way. In eliminating fear that popped up along the way, faith grew larger and larger and we had pillars of victories to look back on to go on to the next step in faith.

Blessings & favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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