ONE FACE Lyric Video by Joseph James

ONE FACE Lyric Video by Joseph James | When folks think of Jesus, which face do they see and what does it look like? We are created in the Lord’s image, but who do people see? ONE FACE!

(Sunrise in Ormand-by-the-Sea, Florida Overlayed of Storm Clouds in Colorado Springs | Joseph James)

ONE FACE Lyrics | w/m Joseph James

Broken pieces on the floor,
Jagged segments out the door.
Scattered through the neighborhood,
No one knows just where they stood.

One Body, One Face,
Such beauty, amazing grace,
Love proclaims, and love endures,
It’s stands the test, and that’s for sure

An image now was clear to be,
One so great for all to see,
But gaps so huge the image skewed,
Stones were thrown, and pain ensued.

But grace prevailed, and mercy stilled,
Hearts were touched, and spaces filled,
Bit by bit the canvass showed,
Jesus’ face and how it glowed.

Jesus, name above all names,
In His image we are all the same,
Mighty Shepherd, Glorious King,
Together we stand, united we sing, united we sing.

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I sat down on our bed in a hotel room in Omaha, Nebraska before our two concerts there and felt the urgency to write a new song. I asked my wife what she thought would be a good topic and I sat there and wrote the lyrics. When we got to South Carolina, I added the music and recorded it. I began the music with the guitar this time and then got behind my Yamaha MOX8 and layered in the other 5 instrumentals including the drums. I played the trumpet, drum set, and the percussion in grade school, then picked up the keys many years later. Still learning. I’d like to play the lead guitar parts, but I don’t have the time right now, so we’ll see.

This song is really about the Lord’s people connecting and working together for the good of the earth in our generation. When there are a thousand or more churches in one city with very few connected to each other, one has to wonder. Who is the real Jesus? What does He look like in our generation. Ezekiel saw a vision of a valley of scattered bones, but by the breath of God, they were all connected again with new life in them. Ezekiel 37. It is my prayer that we become one as the Holy Spirit connects us all together for His good purpose, for His Kingdom to bring peace to this earth He loves so much.

Blessings & favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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