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Today is the day! What are we going to do with it? There is someone close by who wants to be a part and to help. Can we see them? It doesn’t have to be a lonely walk, rather it can become an adventure in this life’s journey. Listen to the new song by Joseph James. THIS DAY!

THIS DAY LYRICS | w/m Joseph James

This day, I am here with you.
This day, can you feel my touch? This day! (VERSE 1)

This day, can you hear my voice?
This day, can you feel my love? This day! (VERSE 2)

This day, I am calling you.
This day, won’t you come with me? This day! (VERSE 3)

I saw you on the floor with your tears pouring down.
You didn’t know what to do.
You felt so helpless cuz you couldn’t see me then,
But I know just what I’ll do. (CHORUS 2)

Your head now on my chest please let me dry your tears.
There is nothing here to fear.
My love for you is real now can’t you feel my touch.
You wanted it so much. (CHORUS 3)

Come with me my child. I’ll show you how to walk.
It isn’t that hard to do.
A special path to run that was hidden from your view.
Father wrote it just for you. (CHORUS ALL 3)

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Everyday, for a couple of weeks after writing this song, I’d wake up every morning with the chorus singing in my thoughts. I wasn’t going to record it as soon as I did, but this compelled me to get it finished quicker. In this particular song, I wanted more of a rock sound so I added four tracks of drums. Then I put in a bass track, piano track, two lead tracks and a synth track. I might still change it up some when I am able to get into a studio with some musicians.

I hope it blesses and encourages you. As a child, I knew the Lord was always near me and on occasion I could see Him, but it wasn’t until much later on that I really got to know Him. He was there beside me through my difficult childhood years. It didn’t change what took place, but I knew I wasn’t alone in it. He is there for everyone. This day, can you hear His voice wanting to be a part of your life?

Blessings & favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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