SIMPLE LIFE Song | Will Adkins | Chords & Lyrics

SIMPLE LIFE Song | Will Adkins | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

SIMPLE LIFE | Will Adkins [Official Lyric Video]

SIMPLE LIFE | w/m Will Adkins | © 2020 Will Adkins | 120 BPM


D                              C(+9)                   G                              C
Turning back to a simpler time, A way to ease stress would be just fine.
D                                      C(+9)            G                                  C
Leave the city and the nine to five. Find a better way in which to survive.
D                                    C(+9)                                 G                                            C
Out to the country to breathe in the fresh air, The trees and the flowers and a mountains view.
D                            C(+9)                G                               C
Find a place without any cares. Leave the rat race, get away from the zoo.


C(+9)  C  C(+9)  C

Dm7         C                             Dm7                                     C
My life is simple and free, ‘cause that’s the way it’s s’posed to be
Dm7                 C           Am7                                          D7
Just happy go lucky, ‘cause it’s the simple life for me.


D                               C(+9)             G                                  C
Up early, grab the fishing pole. Hike on down to the fishing hole.
D                        C(+9)                              G                                                  C
Spend the day having fun in the sun, With the one that I love, this love can’t be undone.
D                                        C(+9)                        G                                          C
Walking home at night the stars overhead, Such an awesome sight, the starlight in your eyes.
D                              C(+9)                          G                                                         C
Back home in our simple homestead, The embers from our fire join the stars in the sky.


D                                    C(+9)            G                                        C
Ain’t it time that you followed us. Leave behind the strife and all of the fuss.
D                              C(+9)                                      G                                   C
Good times come and bad times may follow. Just remember this, there’s always tomorrow.
D                                C(+9)                                 G                                               C
Down to the sea to breathe in the fresh air, Water to cleanse your body and soul.
D                               C(+9)                          G                                             C
Humble existence filled with a prayer, For a future that will keep mind and body whole.


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