I’VE GOT TO BREATHE Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

I’VE GOT TO BREATHE Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

I'VE GOT TO BREATHE | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

I’VE GOT TO BREATHE | w/m Joseph James | © 12.23.19 | 125 BPM


D                G                             D
I’ve got to breathe still I am falling
G                                          D
I’ve got to breathe can you hear me calling
G                                     D
I’ve got to breathe feels like I’m drowning
G                               C     D                     G              G  D  G  D
I’ve got to breathe I’ve got to dream. I’ve got to dream.


C            F           D
Don’t take away my love for life!
C                     F               D
Don’t crush my soul and my will to survive!


G                               C
My soul is weary, broken and trite
G                             D
My journey longer, no end in sight
G                                     D
If I could stand up, I’m sure I’d see
C                                  D
Beyond this storm, to a peaceful sea.


G                                      C
My body fails me, where I once ran
G                              D
My mind takes longer to help me stand
G                                                    D
‘Gainst the thoughts that would make me doubt,
C                                        D
I’d ever win again, finish with a shout.


G                             C
I might be weak here in this place.
G                                  D
I might be tempted to blow my race.
G                                                  D
Yet I will stand up in the power of His might
C                                 D
And by His grace, I’ll shine His Light!


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