NOT ALONE Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

NOT ALONE Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

NOT ALONE | Joseph James | [Official Music Video]

NOT ALONE | w/m Joseph James | © 10.23.19 | 115 BPM


D                   G                             D
You’re not alone, ‘tho’ you’ve fallen.
G                             D                  A
You’re not alone, ‘tho’ you’ve run so far away,
G                D                       A
‘Cause I am near and I see all of your fears,
G                                                D
But if you’ll come to Me, I’ll dry all your tears.


D                  G                                        D
So grab My hand, take a walk with Me
G                                                           D
I’ll show you all the things, you are destined to be,
G                    D                           A
The wonderful plans I have written only for you.
G                    A                                D
It’s My only desire that you live your life to the full.


G                     D
You’re in this place feeling lonely
G                                    D                           A
Friends are having fun they can’t see your broken heart,
G                    D                              A
And yet you lie with that smile all o’er your face,
G                               D
But if you’ll let Me, I’ll make it new again.


G                               D
If you can see beyond the horizon,
G                    D                      A
Beyond your fears, let My love take you there,
G                        D                        A
Into this place to where you are safe inside.
G                                           D
This is My place, you can come and rest.


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