SOLDIER’S STORY Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

SOLDIER’S STORY Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]


SOLDIER’S STORY | w/m Joseph James | © 01.06.20 | 110 BPM


G /F# Em                   G              /F# Em
I am a soldier of the good ole USA.
G                    /F# Em        G     /F# Em
I’ve joined with the forces, a patriotic thing,
C                                 D
Protecting my country, letting freedom ring,
C                                            D
Not prepared for all, I’ve done and seen,
C                                 D                              G
Wicked memories, getting the best of me.


C                                                                   D
Can’t tell my fam or friends ‘bout this dreadful war inside,
C                                     D
This prison in my soul, consuming me alive.
C                               D                    G  D  C
I once had purpose, destiny and dreams,
D                               Em  D  C
The door to this prison, is locked up from within,
C                                                                    G    D  C      D  G  Em  G  Em
This one thing stops me now, you know it’s classified,


G             /F#  Em            G                      /F#   Em
There is only One, who knows what I have done.
G                 /F#  Em          G        /F#      Em
He knows everything, so I can let Him in.
C                             D
I’ll unlock my door, ‘cause I need His love.
C                                     D
Evil’s in this world, it wasn’t my choice,
C                                   D                                 G
Precious memories, twisted by love and war.


G /F# Em            G                   /F# Em
I am a lover, my spouse will testify.
G                   /F# Em                  G                    /F#   Em
Cherishing the moments, our dreams still yet to be.
C                                           D
Passion drives me forth, onward in my quest,
C                                                D
I’ll get back to the place, where I have strayed,
C                                    D                         G
Revving my engines, Jesus take this wheel.

[CHORUS 2] Last Time

C                                                                 D
I’ll tell my fam and friends ‘bout this changing place inside
C                                           D
This nightmare in my soul, is giving me new strength.
C                                    D                    G  D  C
Now I have purpose, destiny and dreams,
C                                     D                          Em     D  C
The door to this prison, is opened up with love.
C                                                          G  D  C      D           G
Nothing stops me now, not even classified,      I am free!


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