SOMEWHERE Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

SOMEWHERE Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

SOMEWHERE | Joseph James [Lyric Video]

SOMEWHERE | w/m Joseph James | © 01.22.19 | 150BPM


G                               D          /E
Somewhere in the night
G                                       D         /E
Beats a lonely heart in fright.
G                                                    D        /E
Sleep won’t come and restlessness,
G                                                           D       /E
Steals the dream leaving hopelessness.


C                                                        D         /E
Stop this film, rewind it back in time,
C                                               D        /E
To the place before it all began.
C                                                             D         /E  C  D
I lost myself somewhere down the line!


Em                            D        Em                        D        /E  C  D
Gotta find myself again! This time I must win!
Em                               D        /E  C  D  Em                                  D                   Em  G  Em  G
Gonna find myself again!                   ‘Cause this time I will win! Yeah!


G                                        D        /E
Somewhere back in my life,
G                                                 D          /E
My heart was pierced with a knife.
G                                D          /E
Time to time I ran away,
G                                                   D        /E
Memories kept getting in my way.


G                                           D          /E
Somewhere on the road ahead,
G                                             D          /E
I’ll find my path and run again.
G                                                    D               /E
I’ll take the time to heal these wounds.
G                                             D         /E
I’ll fly again and none too soon


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