IF I DIDN’T HAVE YOU Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

IF I DIDN’T HAVE YOU Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

IF I DIDN’T HAVE YOU | w/m Joseph James | © 09.09.18

G  Gs  G


D                                  C
If I didn’t have you now what would I do
D                                         C                               G
If I didn’t know now what I didn’t back then. I love you
D                                                   C
You came out of nowhere and you took me away
D                                                         C                              G
You grabbed me by my heart saying, “Walk This Way. I love you.”


Em                           C
And now I’m here, I’m caught up in your love
D                                                  Em
Spending every moment just thinking of you
Em                                  C
Sitting by the fire and sipping some wine
D                                             Em
Glancing at the moon and knowing it’s true
D                            G                  D  C  G
That I love you. I really love you


D                                                            C
Dreaming of the times when we’re out alone
D                                          C                            G
Sitting at a table, or just holding hands. I love you
D                                             C
Walking on the beach and sharing our hearts.
D                                                    C                             G
Looking at the water swirling ‘round our feet. I love you


D                                                   C
Walking side by side as we’re heading for our dream
D                                                      C                                   G
Footprints in the sand as we’re moving further on. I love you
D                                                     C
Checking out a trail that we’ve never been on
D                                                  C                    G
Searching for a sign that will lead us on. I love you


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