SOME OF THAT Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

SOME OF THAT Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

SOME OF THAT | w/m Joseph James | © 08.01.18 | 110 bpm

G C G C D – G C G C D


G                           C
What’s that you said when were going down the road
And you’re looking like that?
Up ahead and over there I see it in your eyes
D                      G
And I want some of that.


C                                              D
I see it in the distance and I know what you are thinking’
C                                                    D
Last time we were there baby you let down your hair’
C                                                             D
Those were good old times that we lost along the way’
C                               D
Pedal to the metal let’s go back to play’


C                                                   D
We’re sitting on the sand and we’re looking at the waves’
C                                                D
Your hair is blowing softly in the gentle summer breeze’
C                                                 D
You’re looking in my eyes with that grin upon your face’
C                    D
It’s clear to me, you’re taking me away.


C                                                 D
We’re in the restaurant and you’re spying through your glass’
C                                            D
Oh baby I’m done ‘cause my heart is melting fast’
C                                                          D
You know you’ve got me now and it’s clear to see’
C                                     D
Love pierced through you’ve got me back again’


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