STILL Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

STILL Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

STILL | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

STILL | w/m Joseph James | © 4.28.18 | 90BPM

G  D  C  D  F  C  D


G                            C                      G                   D
I shook my fist up at you Lord I didn’t understand
G                                      C
I called you names now I’m ashamed
G                         D          F  C  D  F  C  D
I didn’t see your plan.


C                                D
Still your arms are open wide
C                            D
Still you hug me tight
C             D                            G             Verses D  C  D  F  C  D    Last Repeat Chorus  D  F  C  D  F  C  D
Still you love me so, I’m amazed.


G                            C                   G                      D
I’ve let you down so many times falling on my face.
G                                    C
I’ve missed the mark I’ve blown it all,
G                             D          F  C  D  F  C  D
Face to face now by your grace.


G                          C                               G                             D
Now I see your plan for me as I’m standing by your side.
G                         C
It’s greater than I imagined.
G                                                     D         F  C  D  F  C  D
Love pierced the fear that made me hide.


D  F  C  D       G
I’m amazed.


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