SUCH A TIME AS THIS | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

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SUCH A TIME AS THIS | Joseph James

Sometimes not everything was lost of our dreams and relationships in the past. Sometimes there is still life and new growth where there once seemed total devastation and destruction. Perhaps we’ve really just been maturing for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Sometimes the Lord’s restoration and healing work goes unnoticed to us and then, wow!

This video was filmed throughout Waldo Canyon on the Rampart Range Road, Pikes Peak and the Garden Of The Gods where a fire was so destructive in 2012 and threatened Colorado Springs. Now 9 years later there’s beauty again, the young Aspens flourishing, and there are lots of areas that never burned as you can see in the video. It’s like that in our lives. SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

SUCH A TIME AS THIS      © 06.21.21     w/m Joseph James

G                                    D                        C                          D
I’ve run my race! I’ve set my course time and time again.
C                 D                         G                    C
Just to be out of time and left behind again.
D                                           C                                             D          G
So hanging my head and walking away, saving for another day.

C                     G
Out of time! Out of place!
C                                 G
Don’t know if I can run this race,
C                             G
And yet I’ll look ahead to see
If there is a place for me.
C                                       G
I’ve got to believe! I’ve got to hope.
My life is not a joke… You see…
C                        D
I am one born out of time,
D     C         D            G         D  C  G
For such a time as this!

C                        D
I am one born out of time,
D     C          D           G
For such a time as this!

G                                     D                   C                           D
I’ve hit my head! I’ve fallen down so many time before.
C                             D                   G                       C
My heart cut out of my chest, laying on the floor,
D                                  C                                               D         G
So picking it up and healing again, hoping for a better day.

G                                               D                         C                            D
I’ve picked them up all the pieces now, it’s time for them to fit.
C                           D                              G                     C
Into a great big masterpiece like a portrait on a wall,
D                                        C                                           D              G
So others might see it’s worth it all to keep following their dream.

© & ℗ 2021 Joseph James & VaryMedia All Rights Reserved.



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