The Clown

I wrote a song, THE CLOWN, on December 24, 1993 about the wearing of masks. When I get back into the studio, it’s one of the songs I’m going to record. Have you ever walked into a park where a clown was performing? Depending on what the clown was doing, folks laughed or cried, nonetheless, there was usually a message to the act. After we walk away though, all we remember was the act, but had no clue as to who the clown really was.

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In the song, I ended up looking at the church. It should be one of the places with transparency and truth, yet there are very few who don’t wear a mask as well. Then as I went to judge, the Lord showed me mine. In tears, I repented before him trying to rip them all off so that I could be free, but in some cases, it was beyond me. I had to have His help to be free so that I could see the real me He created me to be.

In life, many hide behind masks, desperately trying to hide what they believe are faults and sins, not realizing that others see through these at some point and the only folks we end up deceiving are ourselves. In fact, only when we are truly transparent are we truly free. It also encourages others to dare to take off their masks as well.

When Adam and Eve were in the garden naked, they didn’t know they were because the Lord’s glory covered them. They weren’t exposed. It wasn’t until they believed a lie that they became afraid of being exposed, thus covering themselves and hiding. It’s the same with us, we are afraid that folks are going to see bad things, however, if we take off the masks, repentance and forgiveness, we can be restored to the Garden through Jesus and His glory covers us once again. Back to the Garden.

So, it’s time for us to take off our masks individually and as a corporate church body, if the world is going to see the real Jesus through us. Unless they see the truth we reveal through transparency, they won’t really have a reason to change. His truth can’t be seen if we hide it behind a mask or under a covering. Just some thoughts on freedom. Come out and be free.

Blessings in your journey,
Joseph James

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