Valleys And Mountains

I am thankful for the mountain tops of success and abundance, but I’ve also grown to like the valleys somewhat. They are the necessary journey that prepares us for the tops. They strengthen us and protect us because the valley not only shows us where we are, but where those around us are as well.

Alaska Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James

(The image above is from July 2017 from our trip to Alaska on our Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James)

Janiece and I have walked in abundance and lack in seasons of our life over the years. It’s amazing that those who support you and don’t in each season. Paul, in Philippians 4:10-14, shows that he found sufficiency in Christ regardless in which situation he was, yet many, and most of these in Christendom, would have us believe that if we aren’t successful in their eyes, we must be doing something wrong. Yet, every work I’ve seen that has lasting effect starts from a humble place. Many, even in the world, lost everything before gaining what they have now, called success.

The valleys are there for a purpose. I think one of the biggest reasons is for the Lord to help show us who we can trust along the next path we have to walk. Don’t let someone’s leaving you, or condemning you because of what appears to be failure on your part, stop you from walking on to higher ground, and success in what the Lord has for you. You see, you don’t have to feel bad for those who are giving into you, even out of their need, because the Lord sees and He will bless them abundantly from it. He takes care of everything. Lift up your eyes.

In this particular valley we are in at present, I’m taking notes very carefully, because I know what’s coming.It’s bigger than anything we’ve seen before. So, if you’re in a valley, get ready, lift up your head, take special note of those who are with you now, and bless them going forward. Blessings and favor in your journey as you Follow Your Dreams. We will be counted with those who are rising up to change our generation for good. What say you?

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See you on the road ahead.
Joseph James