SPINNING AROUND Song | Joseph James

SPINNING AROUND | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

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C  /B  Am  /B  C  /B  Am  /B  G
C                              D               C                            D
Waking up in the morning. Sunlight shining through.
C                                  D /E         G     /F#   Em
Blowing now sweet kisses, at you.

C                                    D         C                                          D
Watching you as you sleep. Wondering what you’re dreaming.
C                             D  /E                  G     /F# Em    C  /B  Am  /B  C  /B  Am  /B  G
Your eyes slowly open, and you smile at me.

G                 C           G                      C
Spinning around! Dancing with me!
G                                   C                         G             D
Looking deep in my eyes, I see your love for me.
G                      C                       D                             Bm
You’re holding me together, in the hope that I might see,
C                       D                         G       /F#    Em      C  /B  Am  /B  C  /B  Am  G
The vision in your heart, that will truly set us free.

C                                   D                     C                                D
With me now as the sun sets. The stars are sparkling now.
C                     D        /E          G        /F#   Em
Even in this darkness, you glow.
C                            D       C                                     D
Loving you is so easy. Knowing that you are with me.
C                                      D   /E    G               /F#       Em
Walking towards our dreams, touching heart to heart.



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