I’M GONNA FLY Song | Joseph James

I’M GONNA FLY | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

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C Am C Am
C                                 Am          C                    Am
Walking down this trail just wandering along,
C                                   Am   F                         G
I know that there’s an end, just like in this song,

C             Am     C                               Am
Yet the fog is so thick, can’t even see my feet,
F                                 G    F                                 G
Cautiously moving on, hoping someone to meet.

F                            G    F                          C
I know I’m gonna fly, way beyond the sky.
C                      F               C                    G
I was born for this day, to be placed on display.
F                        G                  C           F
Greatness is inside, so I’ll let it divide,
C                                 F          C               G
This cocoon that binds me up, it’s time to erupt.
C                 F     G            C
I’m gonna fly! Way up high!
C            F            F     G    C            C  Am  C  Am
It’s my destiny! It’s my dream!

C                             Am              C                   Am
Climbing on this cliff, no mistakes can I make,
C                        Am         F                   G
Trying now to see, the bottom, the lake,
C                     Am      C                                   Am
Yet my eyes they do fail, to pierce this darkened night,
F                      G        F                         G
So forging now along, hoping to see a light.

C                              Am         C                                   Am
Sometimes it’s a glimmer, sometimes there’s a wall,
C                                   Am                 F                         G
Sometimes cuts and bruises, and still they seem small,
C                     Am           C                          Am
To succumb to this pain and lose my wildest dream,
F                          G         F                                   G
So running now in faith, down by the rushing stream.

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