BROKEN PIECES Song | Joseph James

BROKEN PIECES | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

BROKEN PIECES | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

D   G
Broken pieces on the floor.
Jagged segments out the door.
Scattered through the neighborhood.
A                  D
No one knows just where they stood.

G                 D
One Body! One face!
G               A
Such beauty! Amazing grace!
G                            A
Love proclaims! Love endures!
G                                  A              D        G
It’s stands the test, and that’s for sure!

An image now was clear to be.
One so great for all to see,
But gaps so huge the image skewed.
A          D
Stones were thrown, and pain ensued.

Grace prevailed, and mercy stilled.
Hearts were touched, and spaces filled.
Bit by bit the canvass showed
A          D
Jesus’ face and how it glowed.

A          G                         D
Jesus, name above all names!
A                      G         D
In His image we are all the same!
A                  G             D
Mighty Shepherd! Glorious King!
G                                  A                G       A                 D
Together we stand! United we sing! United we sing!

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