OPEN ARMS | Joseph James

OPEN ARMS | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

OPEN ARMS | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]

G                                          D
Waiting there with open arms.
G                                               D
Wanting just to touch your heart.
G                                                    D
Wanting to keep you from all harm.
D                  C    G  D
His love is seen everywhere.

C – G – D – C – G – D

C                 G                        D
Painting a sunset just for you to see!
C                                    G                                  D
Touching you with a breeze through your hair!
C                 G                                   D
Sending a bird to sing a special song just for you,
C                 G                          D
A friend or a stranger with a hug!
C                          G                            D
Wanting you to know He’s right there!

G                                            D
Waiting there to lead you on,
G                                         D
To the place He has for you,
G                                                       D
To talk with you and show you the plans,
D                        C     G   D
He’s prepared just for you.

G                                             D
Waiting there and hoping you,
G                                                  D
Will notice Him and want to share,
G                                                        D
To walk with Him all through your fears,
D                          C      G  D
And make it all beautiful.

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