WE ARE AMERICAN Song | Joseph James

WE ARE AMERICAN | Joseph James | [Official Lyric Video]
Lyrics & Chords

WE ARE AMERICAN | Joseph James | Official Lyric Video


G     C       D              G    C       D
We are American! We are American!
C                                 D
A new generation, we fight for what is right!
C                                  D
We’re here for each other, in the stormy night.
G                                                      C                    D
We cheer and laugh together in the victories we share.
C                                       D                                   Em   /F#
But make no mistake. we’ll stand up for what is fair.
G                C                    D
Freedom, Justice, and Liberty!
G               C                     D                      Em  F#m   G
Freedom, Justice, and Liberty [end]             for   all!
G  C  D  G C  D  G  C  D  G

C                        D     C                          D
Though wars on every side rage against us all.
C                       D          C                       D
Yearning to divide in order that we fall.
G                          C                  D                            Em  D  C
We’ll lock our arms together and pray that we will see,
C                           D            Bm              Em   D  C  /E  D  /F#  G
The way we need to walk, in order to be free.

C                           D            C                           D
Sometimes we get distracted, we don’t always see,
C                           D            C                                D
Our brother when in trouble, hear his desperate plea.
G                            C          D                                 Em     D  C
Forces from without, demanding that we believe,
C                  D                Bm                             Em      D  C  /E  D  /F#  G
Their lies and deception, so they can bring him down.

C                             D        C                       D
If we’re searching for the truth, we will surely know,
C                           D                      C                          D
Our enemy’s not our friend, rather darkness is our foe.
G                          C                      D                     Em        D  C
Destroying all our rights yet the Constitution speaks,
C                        D       Bm                             Em      D  C  /E  D  /F#  G
Chipping at it now, wanting to make us weak.

G  C    D          G
We are American! We are Free!

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Let’s all take a moment to refocus if we need to do so. This is our country and we can bring change in a peaceful way. Let’s be there for each other, helping one another. Freedom, Justice and Liberty.