America, Dream Again!

Waking up on this Memorial Day 2017, these are my thoughts. I remember a time when America dreamed and it caused the whole world to want to come here and begin a new life, a better life for their family. It was about freedom. It was about the chance to live the dream placed in their heart by the Lord. This year, in so many years, is the first time that I see people beginning to dream again. I see hope arising, but is it enough? AMERICA, DREAM AGAIN!

I believe it is, but we have to remember our neighbors, our friends and our families. You see, years ago an enemy came into our way of life, unseen by many at first, with the ultimate purpose to divide and destroy us. They did it by getting getting to my generation and the ones that followed. They subtly started putting down our way of life and hinted at a way where we don’t have to work and we can do whatever we want. We are entitled!

Every testimony I’ve ever heard that was worth anything, started with a dream. In each single case, it took lots of work and endurance to be able to one day get to that place where the dream became a reality.

Ecclesiastes 7:18, “Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes.” NIV

I’ve walked on many edges of extreme during my life. Growing up without my dad, I was determined to find the truth. I needed to know that I was alright and I needed to find a foundation I could stand on firmly so that my feet would never be taken out from under me again. I tried so many things over the years, made so many mistakes, but I found what I was looking for, and it isn’t in the extremes, rather it’s in balance, righteousness and wisdom, as King Solomon talked about in the above chapter.

In America, we are being bombarded daily by those, some very rich, who want to destroy us. We might not know their names, but we see the effects of their deeds. A lot of our media have become like soap operas, the latest sensational story to garner ratings and money, while who cares about the truth. The ultimate endgame to this is to DIVIDE & CONQUER.

The majority of Americans care about the truth. They’ve proven it in this last election. They represent the middle of America and interestingly, the scale is completely at balance when its pointer is resting in the middle. Extremism is on both sides. The Lord’s Kingdom operates at a balance, holding onto righteousness and wisdom.

Proverbs 4:7, “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” NIV

You’ve heard the saying, “Before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes.” It is so true. The flip side of this is true as well, if you judge someone, most likely you will find yourself one day walking in the same situation.  In the same way we judge others we will also be judged.

I’ve said all of this on this day in remembrance for all who have given their lives for our country. Freedom has a price and many have given their lives for it. They gave their lives in order for us to keep standing and fighting for it. We must bring love back to our nation. Many are tired, sick, hurting, feeling hopeless and there is an epidemic on many taking their lives. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in our country. It should not be. Where are the dreams?

Now, is the time for us to start caring for our neighbors, friends and family like never before. It’s time to encourage, to understand what they’re going through so that we might be able to help them see the dream again. America has been too independent for too long. We’ve pursued riches at any cost, forgetting the thing that made this country great, was helping one another up the ladder to success. The American dream works best when we focus on helping each other to succeed. Then we all get to the mountain top and share in the riches and rewards.

I wrote FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS as the theme song for our tour across this nation. My dream is to see others be able to dream again and to succeed. We can do this! The Lord had me record it for this weekend and release it, even though it is not studio quality. When all hell breaks out against us, we must stand in the face of adversity, against the voice of defeat, and shout to our enemies, “We will stand together, we will fight for our freedom and our dreams, and we will win!” I believe the real American dream, from the very beginning, is all about the building of the Lord’s Kingdom, where there is a place for everyone, and a place and time for each dream to be fulfilled.

I’ll leave you with this final thought:

I believe we are coming into the 1000 year reign of peace on this earth. Revelation 20, we are in a transition as His people take their place to help usher it in. This is happening now! Most people want peace. I believe the Lord’s Kingdom might be a bit different than many of us think it is. He’s given us the keys of the Kingdom and the authority to use them. I have much more to say on this, but know that this is the season to dream again. It is time for HOPE to arise and His people to lead the way. The world system continues to crumble for lack of answers, but His Kingdom continues to rise until it is firmly in place and real peace is established. Look up! Stand up! Our God reigns! Let’s join together and follow His dream for our lives. We can’t be defeated unless we give up. Blessings and favor in your journey… AMERICA, DREAM AGAIN!!!

Check out my music on my YouTube channel. Be encouraged! Get rid of the things that hold us back! Fly Higher!

 Joseph James