I WANT TO LOVE YOU | Joseph James (Lyrics & Guitar Chords)

I WANT TO LOVE YOU Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics | [Official Lyric Video]

A Romantic Song by Joseph James. It’s Time To Dance! Filmed in Alaska and Colorado!

Imagine getting a reservation at a fine restaurant with candlelight and wine. Then having your server put on that special song. You grab your date and walk out on the dance floor. The moon is out and it’s light sparkles on the water and snow covered mountains. The music and the views take you from there.

“I wrote this song for my wife, Janiece. After 28 years, romance is still in the air! Tell your partner hello for me! I hope you enjoy your evening together!” Joseph James

I WANT TO LOVE YOU w/m Joseph James © 01.02.22

D+A Ds D Ds D Ds D

D+A                           Ds         D         Ds D Ds D
Holding you in my arms tonight.
D+A                              Ds                   D        Ds D Ds D
I want to dance with you all night long.
G                                     A
I want to hug you tight ‘till the morning light.
G                               A
I want to kiss your lips and touch your heart.
G                         A
I want to see your smile in your eyes.
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