Changing Lives

Sometimes a praise report can change everything, especially for us today. When we left Atlanta on the 1st, we knew we needed to head west, possibly California to get medical testing for Janiece. When we entered Texas, we got a call to pray for a friend in a coma in San Antonio. Most of you have read that post and prayed with us. This morning we got a call saying our friend is out of ICU, is responsive, has taken the “do not resuscitate” status off, and is saying she knows the Lord still has work for her to do. We are beyond thankful and so honored the Lord would send us to help. We know we weren’t the only ones praying, but I know the words He had me declare over her in that state made a huge difference and you are part of that. Suicide avoided and another dream of His has a chance to be fulfilled along with the rest of us in His Kingdom. This is why we go, even for one. I just wanted to share this to encourage those of you who are praying with us and you who are helping to support us financially. You are so appreciated.

This journey was a lot easier over the last 4.5 years when the Lord was sending me work through my business to pay for everything. We just listened and obeyed and the money was there, sometimes a delay, but it was there. Now, we’ve gotten to the place where we can’t physically do it all anymore and we need help. It’s not some big glamorous ministry, yet, it might become that with the entertainment aspect, but most folks we minister to and pray for need anonymity for obvious reasons. If they want to share their story, that is great. Dreams, depression and suicide is a very delicate matter and so many are so broken, torn, and shattered.

I don’t know how to do this. For this to work correctly, we need a net, connections, formed in every community, that really should be already there. His body has to start joining together if the whole harvest is going to be effected. These isolated Islands In The Sea of humanity, isolated fellowships are simply going to be picked off in the days to come if they don’t have help around them. There are demonic forces that are going to feast on those who are isolated and don’t know their God-given authority. Not trying to scare anyone, it’s just the truth. I’ve been there. Perhaps this too is a big part of the message we’ve been given to proclaim.

We have advertising plans set up to pay for the whole outreach if we can get some corporations/companies/small businesses to just advertise on the trailer or coach.

We have our Patreon Project where folks can help support starting at $1 per month and get special rewards. 600 people at just $10 per month would pay the base for the outreach. 6000 at just $1 per month would as well. It doesn’t take much.

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Then we have straight donations on our shopping carts as well as books and t-shirts. Soon 16 of my songs will be on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. As soon as we get the funds to go into the pro studios, I’ll get some professional tracks of the songs.

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I don’t know, I’m just putting this stuff out there, hoping there are some who can pass this on, or perhaps be those who can fill in. We have one paid position available now in sales and booking venues. It could be a good part time job as it is commission. Please pass this on to others who need help and might want to help. Together we can build His Kingdom and this is only a very small part. Blessings and favor.

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Thank you for your prayers, financial support, purchase of our products and books that help us help others. Blessings and favor to you. Fly higher than you’ve ever been and go for your dreams! See you on the road!

Joseph James