2021!!! Here we go…

Going to start off this new year here in Boerne, TX where I began last year in Colorado Springs, CO before the pandemic/feardemic shut everything down. We welcome your prayers as this is an ongoing battle to get through all of the hoops.

I am putting the DREAMER’S INK TASK FORCE into full throttle and we’re going to save some lives. This is Texas and no, we haven’t shut down. There has been too many deaths related to the shut downs and isolation that the media doesn’t even mention. I’m looking into places to hold these meetings, the Bevy hotel in Boerne has given me a good rate and I want to find some places in the neighboring areas as well, including San Antonio.

Suicide strikes without warning, one day we are talking to our friend, family member or peer and the next going to their funeral. I’ve had enough. The pandemic has only made this worse.

You can start your own Task Force no matter where you are with your family, friends, and/or work place or I can come and help you get started.

We’ll start the meetings here in Boerne or San Antonio and branch out from there. My DREAMER’S INK book that I published last year in Colorado, has a study guide in the back, as well as a dream certificate, that can help anyone do this anywhere. We also have Janiece’s biography for those who want to read her miraculous journey through so much stuff and the miracles that followed, SENTENCED TO DEATH DESTINED FOR LIFE, THE JANIECE TURNER-HARTMANN STORY. Both books are in print, on Kindle and her story on the Nook, plus my other books as well.

I am in the process of getting churches, ministries, help orgs., sponsors and advertisers to help us get started in each community. We need to join together and help each other. Talking about dreams helps to focus our loved ones on hope rather that their problems and depression which can lead down to a horrible, spiraling end.

I am also sharing my songs at the Bevy Hotel to encourage, on Friday and Saturday evenings between 7-9 pm in Boerne. Stop in and have some fun, food, drinks and music…

If you want to change the things around you, you have to get up out of your comfort zone and be the one who is doing something about it. Talk is cheap. Are we part of the solution?

Dreamer’s Ink Website: https://www.dreamersink.net

Joseph James Tour/Itinerary Website: https://www.joseph-james.net

Janiece’s Story Website: https://www.sentencedtodeathdestinedforlife.com

The books are available to purchase as well as the music albums. I also take donations. I have a Patreon Project set up for those who want to do a monthly amount as low as $1. Every bit helps.

Patreon Project: https://www.patreon.com/josephjames

You see, we don’t have a home right now, nor our own vehicle to drive, but we’re going forward anyway. How about you? DARE TO DREAM and do something bigger than you!

Blessings and favor in your journey,

Joseph James