MY WINGS Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics

MY WINGS Song | Joseph James | Chords & Lyrics [Official Lyric Video]

MY WINGS | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

MY WINGS | w/m Joseph James | © 12.27.17 | 85 BPM

E2 Em D2 D C Gs G E2 Em D2 D C Gs


E2                   Em D2                    D
Here I am today, asking you to stay
C                         Gs    G
I don’t want to be alone.
Am                            Em      Am                        Em
You came into my world played your little game
D                                                 G
Now I’m here, searching my heart.
Em               C           Em                          C
Is it on the moon? Will it come back soon?
Em                 C                           D
Where can I find this part of me?

G                           D
The dream is deep inside
G                   D
Safe and secure
G                       D
Guarded by a flame
C                      D                  G           E2  Em  D2  D  C  Gs  G
Of love, so I can fly with my wings.


E2                         Em    D2                               D
There’s a secret place where my heart can heal
C                       Gs      G
I am with the One I love.
Am                          Em        Am                Em
My heart is being healed by the Lord above
D                                    G
I’m coming back to soar again.
Em               C        Em                           C
Dreaming again. Stretching out my wings
Em                   C                       D
Flying higher than I’ve ever been.


E2                 Em  D2                   D
Here I am again going for my dream
C                   Gs      G
I am free to love again
Am                         Em  Am                  Em
My heart is stronger now healed by his love
D                               G
I am flying higher now
Em                           C        Em                      C
Shooting past the moon out beyond the stars
Em     C                      D
To places I have never been


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